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REVIEW - Tell Them Lies - Karla Sorensen

TITLE - Tell Them Lies AUTHOR - Karla Sorensen


Liz Peters hasn’t exactly gotten the happily-ever-after she’s read about in her Jane Austen books. ‘Always a bridesmaid’ is more fitting to the way life has been passing this good girl by. About to go postal from loneliness, she meets a man who doesn’t seem to fit any of her requirements for a book-worthy hero.

Kieran Carter would do just about anything to put a smile on his terminally ill mother’s face. When he meets a woman in the ice cream aisle at the grocery store, Kieran finally has opportunity to do just that. If he needs to lie in order to give his mom a little hope? Not a freakin problem.

It all seems so neat and tidy. An arrangement is struck that benefits them both, but when lines get blurry and the guilt of lying to everyone they love becomes too much, neither Liz or Kieran can tell what’s real and what’s for show. And somewhere in the middle is the last person they ever expected to fall in love with.

My Review:

Tell Them Lies is the story of Liz. We met her in Light Me Up and By Your Side. She is the quiet Librarian to Casey's dramatics and Rachel's craziness. Karla reminded us with this story that it's the quiet Librarians you have to look out for, and there may be a tattooed god standing in the ice cream isle. 

Liz is feeling a little lost in her life. Her two best friends are married and busy with family life. Who does she have to come home to? No one, and it's depressing. While having a pity party for herself in the middle of the ice cream isle she has a run in with Kieran. 

Kieran is a tattooed, gym owning, mother loving kind of man. His mother is dying of cancer and he's at a loss of what to do for her. He's 35 and single with not a single grandkid in sight. When he sees an angel look alike he thought that maybe she could give him hope, but he doesn't know her. 

When Kieran runs into Liz several days later he throws her under the bus. He had told his mom he was seeing someone and when he saw Liz at the library he asked her to play along. So basically they play a couple so her friends don't pity her and so his mom doesn't worry about him. 

Unfortunately it doesn't stay that simple. Both Kieran and Liz end up developing really feelings for each other. But Liz can't stand deceiving everyone they love. And Kieran fights his feelings for Liz, because he doesn't know how she feels. Only question is can two opposites make a right and work as a couple? 

I always liked Liz. She's not one who really knew how to deal with people, she would much rather stay in her stories. Kieran though was great. The tattoos, his love for the gym, loyalty to his family, and smart mouth reminded me of my own husband. 

As far as I am concerned Karla hit this one out of the park. You'll have to read Tell Them Lies to figure out what happens with Kieran, Liz, and Kieran's mother. 

Here are a few quotes from the book that made me smile; 

"Care to explain how? Because this isn't fu- um, this isn't freaking easy for me to ask you. Do you think I like that I don't have an actual girlfriend to bring around my mom? Or that I haven't been able to give her grandkids before she dies?" 

"I think it should start being your usual style. The sexpot look suits you." 

"So the details of how we met got blurred in translation, it's not like we're committing murder." 

"Because now I'm definitely not ready to die today, since I just witness the equivalent of pigs flying out of my ass."

Star Ratings:
Plot- 4/5 
Character- 4/5 
Heat- 3.5/5 
Writing style- 4/5 
Overall- 4/5 


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