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REVIEW - A Beautiful Masterpiece by Gen Ryan

Title - A Beautiful Masterpiece
Author - Gen Ryan


When Madison Harper’s serial-killer father escapes, Madison’s future in the FBI is fast-tracked, and she is thrown into a partnership with two agents.
Liam O’Leary and Scott Reynolds couldn’t be more different.

After saving Madison’s life as a child, Scott Reynolds decided that saving lives felt pretty damn good. Struggling to be her protector once again, Scott helps Madison see beyond her fears and embrace the light within.

Liam O’Leary is Scott’s opposite. Fueled by his addictions, Liam releases his anger with Jack Daniels and women. As Liam fights the darker urges of his quickly decaying mind, it is Madison who calms Liam and gives him hope that he can find redemption.

Torn between her love for the man who once saved her and the man who now needs saving, Madison must make one of the toughest decisions of her life, all while her father slowly closes in on her yet again.
With the help of these two men, Madison will need to overcome the nightmares that stalk her if she hopes to stop her father and to take him down for good.

The only question that remains: Will Madison survive the darkness?

Disclaimer: This book contains violence, strong language, sexual content and disturbing situations. Mature readers are advised.

What I thought
"You have given me the courage to fight the darkness and choose the light"
Oh I'm so conflicted!

Let me set the scene for you. An email lands in our inbox, it's filled with all my major buzz words. I was suddenly on high alert. I needed this book! Romance and Psychological mind f*****y in one book. Yes Please!

Madison Harper, formerly Aimee Walsh is on the cusp of the life she wants, when it all gets turned upside down when her serial killer, psychotic father (who swore vengeance on her) escapes from prison. 

Two FBI agents are assigned to help her. Liam O'Leary, the dark, dangerous one who oozes sex appeal and screams BAD MAN! And Scott Reynolds, tall, fit, good guy, thinker and he just so happens to have saved her life once before.
"The question is, can you do it, can you pull the trigger."
I wouldn't quite call it a love triangle, more of a lusty battlefield. The romance is a sort of escape though, from all the crazy stuff happening around them. Her father's watching, he's not done with her. Or the FBI guys or anyone else for that matter. There is a whole lot of twisty turny plot lines that go a million miles an hour in the way you think they're going but then at the last minute they slam on the breaks, do an illegal turn and go a completely different way.

It definitely kept me on my feet. I mean....... LIAM!?!?!
"I briefly saw her reach for me, but I was light, I was air."
Gen Ryan, you gots some 'splainin to do!

Let me just say, the book did deliver what it promised, the blurb didn't lie. Epic messy craziness. Sexually agressive FBI guys. A smart girl with lumps and bumps. Drama, intrigue, romance and danger. But when I finished, I just didn't feel right. I might be being too critical, but I feel like I have to be here, because this was a story I really enjoyed (probably more than I should given the subject matter) but there were times I got angry at the writing, some of the writing, the word choices and overly romantic romance, for me, felt so out of line with the characters. That left me uncomfortable.
But that's just me, and what doesn't do it for me, may be right up someone's alley.

This book, isn't really dark, but it is very deathly, not for those of a sensitive nature. 

Start Ratings:
Plot = 4/5
Characters = 4.5/5
Heat = 3.5/5
Writing Style= 3.5/5
Overall Rating = 4/5

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