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REVIEW - Rules of the Ride - H.J. Bellus

TITLE - Rules of the Ride

AUTHOR - H.J. Bellus


If it wasn't for bad luck Maverik wouldn't have any luck at all. He is the oldest of the Slatter brothers and the protector of his family. He’s a hometown legend and has one best friend, his dog Jake. Life is simple with Maverik. He loves working cattle on the ranch and keeping the dynasty his granddad built alive and well.

He's never believed in second chances. 

When Maverik looks into the eyes of Ella James in the middle of his hometown grocery store, he finds himself staring at the ghost of second chance redemptions. Ella walked out on him ten years ago and never looked back. She has returned to town to bury her mom but when their paths collide, it sparks up old flames. Both know better than to indulge, but some train wrecks just can’t be stopped.

Ella in her high heels driving her fancy sports car and Maverik still deep in his hometown roots... 

Turmoil is at an all time high at Silver Star as buried secrets surface between Ella and Maverik leaving behind irreparable damage. Maverik is left hollow and hopeless wallowing in his bad luck. He has two choices. 




My Review:

Rules of the Ride is the second book in the Silver Star series. This book follows Maverick, brother to Merek, who we met in 8 Second Decision. This story cannot be read as a stand alone in my opinion. While the main story is based around two different main characters, there is an underlying plot that would be spoiled if not read in order.

Rules of the Ride left me on the edge of my seat. I am not so patiently waiting to read the next book in the series. I think what draws me into this series is the fact that it is not just another interconnected love series. There is a deeper, action packed plot that is underlying the main plot in each book. There is a cliffhanger, but it is worth it. 

I really enjoyed watching the two main characters, Maverick and Ella, develop. They each have so much personality in them that I like. Maverick we are able to get to know in the first book sho it was especially nice to be able to read his thoughts and see his story unfold. We briefly met Ella in the first book, so wet kind of knew a little about her, but I honestly never expected her story. Wow! 

One thing I can say about HJ Bellus is that she does not diminish her female characters in order to build up hey main characters. Her female characters are strong, independent, and extremely stubborn. Honestly, it's a lot like I am and I'm glad that the story did not take that away. I also love the variety of characters and personality types. It is nice to see that not all the characters are the same and that readers will not be getting the same old love story with different characters, like shine series do.

HJ Bellus can also write some hot and steamy scenes. Some of the mood intimate scenes in this book were sure to melt your panties. I mean who doesn't love a hot cowboy who makes it his life goal to show his appreciation for your body? I sure felt like I needed to cool down after reading this book.

Overall, I really liked this book. I love how the author writes. I don't feel like I keep reading the same story, which is important for me. In order to keep me interested, a book has to have some action. This book had that. I would recommend this book to my friends!

Favourite Quotes:

Maverik’s hand covers my clutched fist on the table. “Thanks, Beans. Just add an extra order of maple nut pancakes and hash browns to my order. Oh, and two eggs sunny side up.”And as if a bad accident just went down in front of me, I can’t peel my eyes from it. Lindsey’s jaw drops and her cheeks flush neon pink. Beans is the nickname a few jocks awarded her in high school. There was some talk about ol’Lindsey and the walking far*s after a night of experimenting with butt s*x.

- Maverick and Ella, Rules of the Ride

“Let’s get you fed before you Hulk out on me.” “Ha, Maverik.” “I haven’t forgotten.” At the same time, we grab for each other’s hands and walk toward the diner side by side. “It wasn’t that bad. Geez, you make me sound like a beast.” “Ella, you threw a shoe through my window because I wouldn’t leave the arena to get you food.”

- Maverick and Ella, Rules of the Ride

Star Ratings:

Plot: 5/5
Characters: 5/5
Heat: 5/5
Writing style: 5/5
Overall: 5/5



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