Wednesday, October 28, 2015

REVIEW - Waiting For Him - Samantha Cole.

TITLE - Waiting For Him (Trident Security #3)

AUTHOR - Samantha Cole


The Sexy Six-Pack returns with more teamwork, more suspense, and, most of all, more hot and steamy romance! 

Twelve years ago, eighteen-year-old Ben 'Boomer' Michaelson's world had fallen apart. Not only had his best friend, Alex Maier, been killed, but Alex's family had perished as well, including his seventeen-year-old sister, Katerina. The car accident occurred less than thirty-six hours after Ben and Kat had declared their love for each other, leaving him devastated at the loss of the only woman who'd ever held his heart in her hands. 

After spending the past twelve years with her father in the Witness Protection Program, Kat finds herself all alone in the world. The last thing she wants to do is put her high-school sweetheart in danger, but he's the only person she has left who she trusts with her life. They need to find out who is after her and why. She just hopes they are both still alive when the mystery is solved. 

Ben, now a former Navy SEAL working for a private security company, is shocked to find his new client is a ghost from his past. He knows he can't refuse to help her, but when it's over, he will have to let her go. She deserves better than the man he's become. 

Will Ben and Kat survive? Or will he once again have to bury the only woman he's ever loved? 

What I thought?

O.M.G!!  It's the first thought that comes to my mind for typing this review.  How does Samantha Cole do it?! What an amazing author. I started reading this series and with this being book #3, I just can't believe Ms. Cole can still have me hooked! From the beginning to the end there's always something going on. Never a dull moment.   This book has a great story-line with details, sexy men, romance and steamy-hot sex scenes. Samantha Cole also writes with emotion. I smile , make a sad face, and sometimes I just want to jump right into my kindle and have fun too ;)

Waiting for Him Trident Security book 3 is a smoking hot read.  The characters from the previous books are in this one as well which I like how the story continues. This is about Ben and Kat.  The story starts with Ben's world falling apart when his best friend and the woman he loved died in a car accident. Well 12 years went by and Kat needed the help of the Trident men.    When Ben sees Kat standing there, he faints.  So Ben and his teammates help he out. Ben realizes that he loves Kat with all his heart and he would do anything including stop his lifestyle, but  he saw her reading Kristen's book and she had some interest in the BDSM lifestyle. So one day he showed her The Convent. Ben calls Kat- Kitten.    Then the story continues and the plot gets better so you're going to have to one-click this book to find out as I don't want to spoil it.   

Some quotes/parts of the story I liked:

"Kitten, there is nothing about you I would change. Your eyes are so expressive, sometimes I can't stop looking at them, especially when you laugh."

"I can't help it, Kitten. You say the funniest things. You've always been able to make me laugh." She pinched his side and he grabbed her wrists to stop her. "Okay, Okay. I'm not laughing at you. But why bowling?" Her head went back to rest on his strong upper body."Because we always had the best times when we were bowling. You,me, and Alex."

"She's my life. I don't care if I have to get on my knees and beg, or tie her ass up and kidnap her, but damn it, I'm not letting her get away this time. I love her and I've got to get her back."

"Kitten, I love you with all my heart. You're my sunshine, my moonlight, my past, and my future. My life was beautiful with you in it the first time, and it's beautiful again, now that you're back in my arms. I had a dream last night about Alex. I know it sounds weird, but he gave me his blessing and made me promise to take care of you forever. Whether real or imagined, it's a promise I intend to keep. Marry me, sweetheart. Grow old with me and make the rest of my life beautiful too."

Star Ratings:
Plot- 5/5 stars
Characters- 5/5 stars
Heat- 5/5 stars
Writing style- 5/5 stars
Overall rating- 5/5 stars


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