Sunday, March 1, 2015

Review - Entwined, (The Life of Anna, Part 2) - Marissa Honeycutt

Oh wow, I finished this book last week. I still can't quite put my thoughts in to words. Lingering visions and my overactive imagination are going crazy. 
So yeah, the warning in this book states it's dark, and that it just gets even darker with each book. Well, I can now say this has to be the DARKEST I have read. I have read a lot of dark fiction. I'm not even that shock-able, and although book 1 was dark, and I knew there was no holds barred on this story. Every gritty detail was shown, nothing left to the imagination. But, it wasn't a patch on Entwined, book 2. One particular scene will be forever scarred in my brain, filed under 'oh my gawd, did I just read that correctly'. I won't even mention any more as that definitely has to be read with no prior knowledge before hand. 

So, aside from the huge shock factor and intense and risky, boundary crossing darkness. This still remains the most incredibly addictive story. I just couldn't stop reading. I couldn't even guess what was coming, I was continuously thrown from one scene to the next, with my mouth constantly gaping open. Not pretty. 

I have come to many conclusions in part 2. One being; there is absolutely no redeeming qualities in Devin Anderson. That man errr monster is one of a kind. I am one of those people who reads a book, and expects the monster will (most of the time) end up seeing the error in their ways, and all that. Not Devin, I'm not entirely sure he even works like most humans do. That man is deadly, and most definitely not one you want to cross. Some of the things he did, were beyond cruel and wrong. He has no limits. I actually started off thinking, he had the whole sexy, powerful, alpha thing going on. Now I'm just peeking through my fingers when he comes in to a scene, wondering what he will do next, and if I'm likely to ever get the vision out of my head, when he is done.

Another conclusion I have come to is, Anna is most definitely unique. In so many ways, and not just the obvious ones. I have never read a book before, where the main character, withstands quite so much. Some would say Anna gets her fair share of incredibly hot men jumping all over her, and how her sex life is beyond steamy, but that doesn't even begin to make up for the other things she is subjected to. Poor Anna is beyond unlucky. But, she takes every kind of hideous brutality possible, then gets up, brushes herself off and gets on with things. She is unbelievably strong and an amazing character. Especially when she starts to break through the slave mind and starts to become her own person.

Alex. *SIGH* My conclusion on Alex is, well just that he is unbelievably hot. That is all. But he is also quite unlucky. Devin's twisted mind and treatment seems to be tested on Alex too, to shocking proportions. But I still love him, and badly want for him to get the girl. 

So, anyway... again I loved this book. Huge amounts. This series just keeps on shocking and surprising me, and I love that. I never know what is coming around the corner, the twists and turns are phenomenal and I'm constantly sat on the edge of my seat. Of course the story would be nothing without the storyteller, and Marissa Honeycutt's writing style just sucks me in. She has this amazing way of writing about some truly hideous things, yet I can't stop reading, I have to know what is going to happen next. Again, like I said with book 1, the detail that goes in to these books is mesmerizing. The mystical elements that run through the background, are so clever. It really makes you think, and opens your mind to so many things. 

When I finished this book, I was totally desperate the next one. The events towards the end were shocking, but also the outcome and change in Anna was amazing. I needed to get on to the next book. Luckily, I had it already. Can't wait to continue with the story. :)

5 Huge twisted stars. 

(Read in Dec 2014)

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