Sunday, March 1, 2015

Review - Verum - Courtney Cole

WOW just WOW. I'm not sure I can even get my head around this book just yet. I even feel like maybe I should of re-read it again. I know for a fact this review isn't going to make much sense, and I also can't say a lot about the story as it would be completely spoiler filled.
This book is one big bundle of confusion, mystery, crazy brain hurting, frustration, sadness. Yeah I could just keep going with that list but I'll stop. 

I will say, this book was incredibly written, which isn't a surprise as this is my 3rd book by this author and she is a consistently good author. Everything about this book was beautiful, captivating and stunning. 
I've actually noticed how both the books in this series have the most beautiful scenic settings. Very gothic and dark but beautiful and somewhere you can lose yourself in. 

Until the 3rd book in the series is released, I'm going to remain totally bewildered though. Although some of the confusion was cleared up in Verum, there was another huge dose of mystery to add on. My brain was hurting big style. Just when I thought I had got my head around a part that was baffling me, it all changed again, and my poor head was hurting. Again.
It's just so hard to explain anything about this book, any little slip up could ruin it completely. 

You will not be able to put this book down though, it will take over your life again. Suck you in and make your head hurt. 
This series is still so beautifully unique. I've never read anything like it, and although I'm confused it's in a good way. The mystery is beautiful and very, very clever. 

I can't wait for the final book in the series, although I may have to re-read the other 2 first!! 

Amazing!! (4.5 STARS)

(Read Feb 4th 2015)

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