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Review - Ensnared (Life of Anna, Part 4) - Marissa Honeycutt


It's like the worst thing ever, when you have one of your most eagerly anticipated releases of the year so far, and you can't actually start reading yet. So it sits there taunting you, with all it's information and reveals. So yes, I was desperate to get stuck in to the fourth part of Anna's story. 

In this part, the story starts 2 years on from the end of Embraced. Anna has spent the whole of the 2 years pretty much out of it. The time has slipped by, and Anna hasn't even noticed. Her coping mechanism for the events that took place in Embraced, have left her an empty shell. Devin just left her to wallow in her drug infused haze. Easier for him, than a lucid Anna. 

Yet, Devin has now decided she has to make herself of use again, and Anna's supply has dried up. She now has to face reality, without Alex in her life. Without the drugs, Anna starts to dream. We know from before that Anna doesn't have normal dreams. We're not entirely sure whether they are premonitions, or she travels in her dreams but whatever it is, she sees something that, she will not accept is real. And, these dreams want to get her every time she falls asleep.

We then spend the rest of the story seeing Anna, come back to life. Yet struggle with her loss. This time we get to see more of the Russians, who seem to have quite a few secrets themselves. 

Just like each of the other parts of Anna's story, we see Anna go through some incredibly, horrific treatment, at the hands of Devin. It's obvious that he gets off on devising new and unique ways, of torturing Anna, and it still surprises me how she can take so much. Yet it no longer surprises me how twisted Devin can actually be. 

3 things I have learnt in Part 4; I now love Ian. I never really had an opinion on him before this book. He was always Devins' puppet. But after the events that unfold at the end of this book. I love him. He is totally renewed in my eyes. 

Also, I learnt that, I hate Kaveh. He may be all gold and gorgeous with a great big uhhhh ego. But he is nasty. 100%. I'd love to think he will get his comeuppance eventually, but I know already he won't. That much is obvious. 

Final thing; Wild, unleashed, immortal Anna is awesome!!!! I absolutely loved her freak out, and her glowing green eyes. God I hope she has another of those moments and tears apart Devin (and perhaps Kaveh) in Part 5!!

Again, like the rest of the books in this series. The writing was captivating, and held me glued to every word. Considering all the black, dark, and ugly content in this book. It was written in a beautiful and addictive style. I've never felt such strong feelings over characters, be it hatred, or love, or pity. It's all felt to intense levels. 

For all the bad feeling running through this book, constantly feeling like every time Anna gets a tiny shred of good luck, the bad generally follows straight after, and is 10 x worse, the end couple of chapters were definitely a feel good moment, that I'm glad we were left with. Yes it's up in the air and anything can and probably will happen, within the first chapter of Part 5. But I felt quite positive and optimistic for once. I know that the final Part is coming, and it can go in so many directions. But it's going to start off positive, and I'm ready for it!! :)

**WARNING** Firstly, make sure you read these books in order. Otherwise it could be the most confusing book you have ever read. Secondly, be prepared this book is quite extreme and tackles some really dark and sensitive subject matter. Please go in to it, knowing this.

***I was given an ARC of this book, in exchange for a fair and honest review.***

(Read 8th Feb 2015)

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