Sunday, March 1, 2015

Review - One Night Unveiled - Jodi Ellen Malpas

So, I finished this last night, and I wouldn't go to sleep until I had finished it, and it was incredibly gripping by the end. 
I was a HUGE fan of the This Man series, one of my all time favorites. Then I read One Night Promised, and loved it. I thought it had potential to be an awesome series. With the trademark JEM cliffy, I was desperate to read One Night Denied, and found that after things had been explained, it slowed down a great deal, and perhaps wasn't as gripping as ONP had been. I was really hoping that maybe it would suddenly pick up and surprise me. Anyway, I didn't give up, I still enjoyed it and was still very excited about the final in this series One Night Unveiled. The cliffy at the end of OND was quite a dramatic one, so I was dying to know what would happen in the last book.
So I started One Night Unveiled and found the cliffy from before, hadn't really been fully explored, it just carried on with the story. Now, if I'm honest, I would say the first 45% of this book did tend to drag. Nothing significant really happened, and it was just an awful lot of sex, albeit good sex scenes, but after the first few I was kinda waiting for the big drama and gripping tension that I also loved in JEM's books. 
Now, once it hit approx the 45% mark, it just completely stepped up a gear. I suddenly felt like the story was coming to life, and I totally remembered what I loved about JEM'S stories and her writing. Once she kicks off the drama, you feel completely sucked in to the pages. I literally couldn't go to sleep until I had finished, I had to see how it all unraveled, and all the secrets were out and explained. 
I seriously wasn't disappointed, the clever little twists and turns were awesome. I couldn't of guessed what was going to play out, and I sat with my mouth wide open, catching flies for about 20% of the book. 
It was perfectly concluded, and I felt a massive feeling of satisfaction that this series had finished in a perfect way. 
Could the series have been cut shorter? Perhaps. Could some of the slow parts of been chopped? Again, perhaps. But, even when it's slow and the sex is on back to back overload, it's still incredibly entertaining, as JEM's writing is so captivating and hooks you in.
Again, love, love, loved the characters. I never tired of the incredibly complex Miller, with all his issues and sexiness. Livy continued to be strong and 'sassy' and with all her feisty attitude, she was a fantastic leading lady.
Still not sure Miller could top Jesse, but he did a fantastic good job at trying!
Well done JEM, another fantastic series to follow from the This Man series. 
4.5 stars. 

**I was given an ARC of this book through Netgalley, in exchange for a fair and honest review.**

(Read Jan 28th 2015)

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