Sunday, March 1, 2015

Review - Reclaimed (A knights Rebels MC Novella) - River Savage

This novella was beautiful and intense. 
Considering that it is only a short chapter in Kadence and Nix's full on, and sometimes crazy life. It did not feel lacking in any way. So many important moments were covered in this novella, and they were done incredibly well.
This novella takes us to when Kadence and Nix have had their baby girl, Harlow (Low). 

It is approximately 7 weeks since she was born, and things are not easy for them all. Kadence is suffering with Post Natal Depression (UK term), and really struggling. Nix is trying his very best to be there for Kadence, but he is also struggling in his own way.

This was an amazingly well covered topic, it's obviously not an easy subject and something that is experienced differently for every woman that suffers with this illness. Personally, I could relate, and thought it was incredibly well written and sympathetic to so many different elements of that lonely and debilitating illness. 

Aside from that factor, the love that Kadence and Nix show for each other, was still so strong and addictive. I never tire of reading about these characters. Nix is still so unbelievably gruff and alpha, but also stupidly sexy. Kadence is a beautiful and strong character, who seems to grow so much, each time we get to read about her.

After reading quite a sad chapter in their life, I think it ended absolutely perfectly. Bringing in to the story, the amazing chemistry and fun they had right at the beginning. I was in hysterics towards the end, and felt the story had ended on a fantastic note. 

Loved this story, and it's reminded me about all the characters I can't wait to get to, when it's their turn. 

5 stars!

**I was given a copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review**

(Read 11th Feb 2015)

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