Sunday, March 1, 2015

Review - Tight - Alessandra Torre

Oh wow, Why am I always blown away by a Alessandra Torre book? I guess because of the gripping writing and detailed, clever story.

Riley Johnson is a 32 year old beautiful blonde from a small southern town. Her life is very simple and straight forward. She has her job in finance, her dog, and her friends. That's about it. Nothing much to really report. Until she meets him, Brett Jacobs. Gorgeous, dark, and mysterious, and her complete savior in her hour of need. 

When Riley goes on a bachelorette party in the Bahamas with her friends, and ends up in a casino. She is bored and her feet are killing her, in her too small, shiny show shoes. 
In a rather odd but a very sweet gesture, Brett see's Riley struggling out of the casino and presents her with a gorgeous substitute to her evil shoes. Now it all sounds a bit odd, and to be honest I didn't really trust Brett to start with. He was too gorgeous, obviously had too much money, and far too secretive. But Riley was in bad need of Male reprieve and he was far more perfect, than she would ever find in her small home town of Quincy. 

So that all seems quite normal and like any other hot and sexy romance. But then the chapters are changing, they start to alternate with chapters from a character called Kitten. 
It's obvious that Kitten has been captured, and held as a slave, but we only get snippets in these chapters. Not the full story.  
It is a little up and down and a bit confusing, but if you pay attention and hold on 'tight' you will see how the story is unraveling. And again, wow. What a clever way of telling a story. 
I don't want to spoil any of this story as it's sheer perfection and gripping as hell. 

The characters are amazingly addictive. I loved Riley, she was funny, gorgeous and real. Yet you do see some incredible strength in her personality and that's when I really started to love her. 

Brett is gorgeous and secretive, but as you get little small glimpses of him through a few random chapters of his pov, you can see just how complex he is. There is far more to that man, than we see from Riley's eyes initially. He is so much bigger and better than the gorgeous package of sexuality and dominant behaviour. 

Now of course, the book wouldn't be complete without the panty melting, page sizzling sex scenes. They are stupidly hot and even better because the tension and chemistry is stretched out, until it's impossible to avoid it any longer.

This whole story had my brain working, I knew there had to be more to it, than what I first thought. Every part of it was captivating and gritty, and what I had to know, more than anything, was 'how?' It was confusing but gripping, and the ending was stupidly satisfying. The saying 'not everything is as it seems' would appear to fit very well at times in this book. 

My brain was frazzled after Black Lies, and I knew I would need to read anything that Alessandra Torre wrote, after that. Tight couldn't be further from Black Lies in the type of story, but it still messed with my brain and left me totally wowed! 
It was a completely mixed up, confusing, painful, gripping, unconventional, sexy, raw, and shocking love story. 

Perfect. Tight did not disappoint. Again, an incredible mind blowing experience from Alessandra Torre. 5 Stars.

**I was given an ARC in exchange for a fair and honest review**

(Read Feb 3rd 2015)

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