Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Review - Hell's Kitchen - Hart Saint Germain

OH my good golly gosh!!! (Yes that was the pleasant, pg version of my reaction, that came from reading this book)
Wow where on earth do I begin? So, I think I was just sucked in to a book, that possibly dragged me around, with about 10 thousand characters, okay slight exaggeration, I think it was actually about 10 characters, but it felt like a lot. Even though there was quite a few different stories unraveling at the same time, it was surprisingly easy to follow.

Hell's Kitchen starts a new story, and this time we're in New York. The biggest, most influential family that is running the place, underground, is the Italians. Roberto 'The Barber' Barbieri pretty much controls New York, with his two gorgeous but badder than bad sons running around, doing his bidding.

We learn that through an act of revenge, Barbieri wants Paddy McLaughlin's daughter, Kaitlin captured. McLaughlin is the head of an opposing Irish family. They have done wrong by Barbieri and now he wants revenge. And he will take it via the 17 year old, blonde princess daughter.

So, that's the basis of how everything gets started.
From there, Barbieri's two sons have to do exactly as they have been ordered, by their father, or suffer the consequences. They have to abduct Kaitlin. They think it's all going to be straight forward, and an easy job, but that's their first mistake.

We then skip over to Scarlett, an ex tv actress who is hiding from her past. Something big happened to her, and it would appear she is hiding out. We only get snippets of what happened, but it's obvious she is not in a good place, and survives from day to day. She works in a diner, and on this particular day she is about to become involved, in the crazy whirlwind that is the result of the abduction of Kaitlin.

So, all the characters seem to be linked in one way or another, to someone else. It's like a big chain of people, who can link around to someone else. For instance, Scarlett is Elliot from The Gypsy Brothers series, cousin. Which leads to Jules and Jase having a chapter in this book, which was awesome. Plus there is also a link to the Blood & Roses series (which I haven't read yet), and the leads from that get a chapter too. But, it was all so clever how everything was interlinked. The timelines and character connections, were really genius.

I think that's the biggest thing about this book, that I noticed. It was the thought, clever planning, and background that went in to the world surrounding this new series. It's amazingly thorough, and not one single detail is missed out. It made it completely fascinating. Almost like a full series on tv, not just a book, which isn't even that long of a book.
Of course, like The Gypsy Brothers series, the grit and dark is still flowing underneath everything, from the style of executions, to the fact that nothing is beyond some of these characters. The shock factor is what I loved with the connecting series, and it didn't disappoint with this new book.

I have no idea how the two authors wrote this book, whether they picked characters and wrote their chapters, I'm not sure. And I have not read Callie Hart's series as yet, (I will do now) but I have read Lili St Germain's Gypsy Brothers series, and Cartel, and I can pick out some parts that would appear to be in her style. It seems to be her style, which I absolutely love.

There is actually about 5 girls that you get to see in this book, and they are nothing like damsels in distress, they aren't your usual girls who sit looking pretty, waiting for the alpha male to stalk in and carry her crying self to safety, while grunting in a sexy way of course. All these girls had that feisty and ballsy attitude that I love. Although they may be in the most worst situation ever, they don't break down and give up, they fight and do it with snark and hilarious wit, and they fight tooth and nail. Which makes this so much fun to read, and you want to keep reading, even though you find you're at the end of the book.

It actually ended quicker than I thought, so I think it must of been a shorter book, but there was so much action going on, literally 100% of the time, that I had no clue that the end was coming up. This book is one crazy, wild ride, and you can't even possibly pause for breath, or even go for a pee break, it's not possible!!! The writing and story is utterly addictive, I didn't want to stop reading.

Oh, but I must point out, just how hotter than hot, some of the scenes in this book were. Like unbelievably, fan my red face hot. Plus with there being two authors, with two different styles of writing, and a whole heap of characters, you can imagine just how different, and intense some of these sexy, naughty scenes were! Like a big mix up of porn, blood, and drama. Perfect!!! Can't wait for the next!
5 stars.

**I was given an ARC of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review**

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