Sunday, March 1, 2015

Review - Nocte - Courtney Cole

Wow, how to review a book that was amazing but hurt your head more than a hammer. Hmmm

Well, I'll start by saying this book was truly captivating. Such a beautiful and heart wrenching story. I don't think I've had my eyes opened to so many topics in just one book. 

Calla, and her twin brother Finn have never had it easy. They live in a creepy looking house at the top of mountains. Surrounded by nothing by incredible views of the ocean, and sheer, deadly drops. The creepy house is made worse by the fact that it is a funeral home. 

They are literally surrounded by death at all times. So it's no wonder that they struggle from time to time. More so Finn, who has always battled his inner demons and various conditions, which has left his mind a little delicate. Everything is made far worse by the death of their mother. They are both trying to keep it together but some days are worse than others.
Calla has always looked out for Finn, she is his strength and they stick together through everything. Even when they spend their school years being taunted, teased, and picked on for living in a funeral home amongst other things. But they have always stuck together. Now they need each other more than ever.

But, Finn is getting worse. His behavior is becoming more strange and concerning, and soon they will be going off to college. Calla is constantly worried about Finn, but also needs to protect him. Her own life comes second.

Yet, Calla's attention becomes split when Dare walks in to her life. Dark, gorgeous, and very mysterious Dare. The man with a British accent, and a questionable past. 

Calla is struggling to be there for Finn, when she also wants to get to know Dare. Dare helps to take away her pain and hurting, makes her start to feel again, but the closer she gets to Dare, the worse Finn becomes, and the distance grows between them.
Dare has some big secrets, it's making things quite confusing and hard to follow, but he's holding on to them.

Finn's pov shows some small snippets of the hard time he is having, made worse by stopping his med's, he's starting to struggle. Yet he seems to know of Dare's secrets. 

This book will blow your mind, in so many crazy ways. I've never been so confused, yet so addicted to a story before. The writing was beautiful and painted so many pictures in my mind. From the depth of mental illness, to the beauty of first love, to the pain and struggle of losing a loved one. It was all incredibly sad, and painful but at the same time, written so beautifully. 

Calla, was an incredible lead. She was strong and feisty, but fiercely loyal and protective to those she loved. She will put Finn before herself in a heart beat. 

I don't think I have read a book like this before, where it literally takes over everything. I was walking around trying to piece together what could of happened. Trying to rationalize in my mind, what makes sense and what doesn't. It literally takes over, but in such a fantastic, addictive way. But saying that, it's not just a mystery to unravel, it is so much more. The mystery was just an incredible bonus to a beautiful love story. A story of how life can be a lot, lot harder than some could imagine. Of course it would be nothing without the beautiful writing. That is what makes it such a perfect story. 

Some parts of this huge ball of mystery and fog, are actually revealed towards the end. A huge reveal, that had my mouth dropping like a very unpleasant impression of a fish! It was one of 'those' moments. Fantastically good, but then opening up another 1000 questions. But for everything that was explained and revealed in that moment, they were thrown out of the water by the ending. It ends in a stupidly crazy, throw your e-reader across the room, kind of ending. BUT luckily I timed it very well, and finished it the night before Verum was released. :) I'm ready to crack on, and find out what is going on!!

(Read Feb 2nd 2015)

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