Sunday, March 1, 2015

Review - Raze - Tillie Cole

I seriously love this book stupid amounts. 
This is a book that I saw posted literally all over my facebook page. I couldn't escape it, every time I refreshed my page, it was there again, posted by someone else. Baring in mind, I had not heard of this book before it's release. So I was crazy curious, to find out what everyone was going mad over. So of course I had to jump on the bandwagon and go grab some Raze. Best decision ever!
The prologue starts in the past, a small chunk to show how everything started. That prologue itself was so powerful, I was already gasping and wondering if it would be possible to take a break and make a drink, or if I would end up glued to each page and dying of dehydration. Yep, prone to exaggeration, but it was seriously addictive, already!
It then jumps to present time, and we meet Kisa and Alik. Now I already can tell Alik is 100% bad boy and we need to watch him. We get some background on the main characters and also how their families work, which is really interesting, as I know nothing about Russian mafia type families and how they work in their dark and deadly circles. 
So anyway, on the reverse of those two we have 818 also know as Raze. A man who has been locked away for 12ish years in a dark, disgusting and brutal prison, and forced to fight to the death repeatedly. Kill or be killed. Considering he was taken there as a teenager, and forced to do some ugly and horrendous things for over a decade, it's obvious that his mental well being is going to be sketchy. 
Through some stroke of luck, he manages to break out, when the prisoners decide to fight back one night. He knows nothing of his past, or what to even do now he is out. He only knows 1 thing, the only piece of his past he has forced himself to hold on to and not black out. Alik Durov. Brooklyn, New York. Revenge. Kill. It's the only thing that keeps him going. Now he is out and needs to act on this. 
Fast forward to New York and Alik Durov is the deadliest fighter in the underground fighting ring, run by his and Kisa's families. He is deadly and gets off on the kill. Nobody has managed to beat him. Yet. 
So, after this it all starts to unravel, and secrets start to come out. The intensity never stops for 2 seconds. I'm not going to summarise the story anymore, or I'll end up letting out bits, I don't want to. 
Right from the start, this story had me hooked. It was extremely brutal and nothing was left to the imagination, but I loved that. I loved how each little twist and turn shocked me. 
Raze was completely incredible, he was one of those characters whose presence was 100% felt on every scene he was in. I loved how raw and brutal he was, yet at the same time he was completely endearing. I know that's a weird combination, but it's really hard to explain this complex character. Oh and he absolutely oozed sex. Seriously had it dripping off him. When he and Kira are together the tension is super charged. The chemistry was incredible. 
I never get bored of that feeling, when you start a book and realise it is nothing like any other books you have read before. I couldn't sit and predict it all, I was too busy absorbed in every single page. 
Obviously this book wasn't just an amazing story, it was so addictive because of the amazing writing. Author Tillie Cole didn't just tell their story, she had me feeling like I was sat watching it. I loved how stunned I felt, 99.9% of the time I was reading it. Now there is another author, that I desperately need to go find her other books, I was so wowed by this one. 
I completely recommend Raze to everyone and anyone. It will blow your socks off, perhaps your pants too! :) 
5 stars. 

(Read Jan 9th 2015)

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