Thursday, September 19, 2019

Release + Review - Truth - S.J Sylvis

Today we have the release day blitz of Truth by S.J. Sylvis! Check it out and be sure to grab your copy today!

There’s only one thing that stands in the way of having my name stamped on a big, fat check trailing with several zeros.

And it goes by the name of Reid King.

What is a totally average elementary school music teacher doing standing in a tour bus with the King of Music? I have no idea, but for some reason, the stars have aligned and the universe thinks I’m the one who can to help him. That, somehow, Reid King and I can collaborate on an album together and make him the authentic, raw, soul-crushing singer that he once was.

Reid King thinks I’m in over my head.
Heck, even I think I’m in over my head.

But that check will solve all my problems, and nothing will stand in my way of getting it. Not Reid King, or his devilish smirk, or his soul-gripping voice, or his talented fingers that roam effortlessly over a guitar. Not even the steely glances he throws my way every three seconds.

I’ll get that money and save my family from years of heartache. And maybe… just maybe… I’ll save Reid from his heartache, too.

Exclusive Excerpt: 
I shook out my shoulders and crossed my arms, leaning against a pole, appearing unbothered at the way the spotlights above Reid’s head cast an almost angelic hue around his body. I ignored the way his high cheekbones and angular jaw looked like they were cut from granite, stealing the breath right out of my body. His dark-brown locks were shining and bouncing like he was in a commercial for some high-end shampoo line that I’d never have the pleasure of using. My mouth ran dry as Reid closed his eyes and stood straight as Jackson and Finn started up the hymn for the first set. It felt like Reid was sucking my soul right out of my body as his mouth opened and the first line was sung.
A raspy, soul-crushing, feel-it-all-the-way-to-your-toes sound filtered through his lips, and right then, I was completely swept away. I was mesmerized. Unspoken for. What his voice did to my body was unspeakable. Reid King was just that. A king. He was a king onstage. He commanded everyone’s attention. He sang from deep within, not only feeling his own words as he sung but also commanding everyone else to feel them, too. I felt Reid King in my core, in my entire being.
I couldn’t take my eyes away, and I couldn’t ignore the way his voice, paired with his steely appearance, made me burn all over.
Reid King was a cold man, but he had an unbreakable fire inside of him. He made me burn from the inside out with desire.
A desire to feel like him.
A desire to love like him.
A desire to break like him.
He had the curse that not many people had. He felt all too deeply, and he made others want to feel it, too.

About the Author: 
I am an author, reader and a lover of all things coffee. I spend most of my time day-dreaming about my upcoming books, binge-watching Gilmore Girls while sipping on coffee, and playing with my sweet little Emma. Feel free to message me if you want to chat! I am an open book! XO

Connect with S.J.: 

Johnaka's Review 

“What will happen when the truth comes out? 4 stars”

One sentence has put Reid’s life on hold. He cannot move on until he knows the truth behind one vengeful sentence. He declared he would never let another woman in but when he meets Brooklyn, he starts to second guess that decision. Will he let his walls down and let her in? Or will he let who could be his other half walk away?

Brooklyn is all about family, family comes first. Her family needs help and when her best friend comes to her with an opportunity to end all her families suffer, she jumps on it. She thought she had an idea of who Reid was but she had no idea what she was getting herself into. He has her all tongue tied and doesn’t know if she can actually help him. When they start to develop feelings for one another will it turn into more or will Reid’s past stand in their way?

Sylvis made me hurt for Reid. I honestly didn’t blame him for being the way he is. Brooklyn is the silently strong type. You would never know it by looking at her. Sylvis hits a topic that may be a little taboo for some but I think needs to be talked about. I felt like Truth was uniquely refreshing. If you take a chance on Truth I think you would enjoy it.

Plot-4/5 Characters-4/5 Heat-4/5 Writing style-4/5 Overall-4/5

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