Friday, September 27, 2019

Release+review-Royal Blue-Megan Lowe

Royal Blue, Sovereigns of Savannah book one, by Megan Lowe is LIVE!! One-click today for half price!

Having the status of a king or queen or a member of their family.
Cerulean Tremont and her sisters rule Forest Park Academy. They bow to no one.
Harley St. James has never faced an opponent on or off the field he cannot defeat.
What happens when the stubborn meets the determined?
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Our Review

“We bow to no one, 5 stars”

Cerulean Tremont runs the school. She’s the head of the Sovereigns of Savannah and you best not forget it. The only people she needs are her sisters and no one else. And guys like Harley St. James are nothing but a waste of time for girls like her. But what if there is more to him then what meets the eye? Is her actually worth her time and effort?
Harley St. James is new to the school but instantly makes his way to the top thanks to his talents on the football field. When he catches a glimpse of Cerulean he knows its game over. He’s never backed down from a challenge and doesn’t know how to lose, he won’t start now that its Cerulean on the other side of the winner’s circle. Will he be able to convince her he’s worth a shot?
Royal Blue is my first Lowe book and I loved it. I loved how strong the Tremont sisters are without belittling and tearing others down unless needed. Harley is just as strong headed and doesn’t want to change Cerulean, he just wants her to make a little room for him. If you take a chance on Royal Blue, I think you will enjoy these two and the battle they fight. I cannot wait to see what Lowe does with the rest of the series.
Writing style-5/5

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