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Title: Irish: A Reed Security Romance
Series: Reed Security Series #5
Author: Giulia Lagomarsino
Genre: Contemporary Romance/Security Romance
Release Date: August 18, 2018

Derek "Irish" Cortell. Badass close protection agent. Sexy, panty-melting smile. Superhero? There's something strange about the men at Reed Security. When socially awkward Claire Grant works up the nerve to talk to Derek in the grocery store, it opens up a whole new world for her in which her fantasies are becoming reality. Yes, she's a librarian. Yes, it's quite possible she's immersed herself in too many books, but her eyes couldn't possibly be deceiving her. Could they? Though Claire and Derek seem to have your typical romance, there is nothing typical about Derek or the people he works with, and soon Claire will find out just how super Derek really is.

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Our Review
Holy. Freaking. Amazing. I started Irish planning to only read a chapter or two before bed. Next thing I knew, it was two thirty in the morning and I had finished the entire book. This book sucked me right on in. Irish is book five in the Reed Security series. It is a stand-alone and can be read without the others. This is the first book in the series that I read.
The plot of this book was genius. I feel like because I hadn’t read previous books, it really had me intrigued. I was questioning along with the main character about what was going on with the main male. I loved that about this book. I also loved how the two met and pretty much everything about their relationship. The mystery of the main plot was amazing as well.
Claire is my favorite character ever. She is so quirky that it is endearing. I seriously love her rambling and unique personality. She grew right onto me. Derek took a little bit longer. He had a tough exterior that I had to get through before I truly fell for him. His ability to say the wrong thing didn’t help his cause any, but in the end I liked him.
The chemistry between these two is awkward, but it works for these characters. I loved watching them get to know each other. Really, I just loved anything that included Claire. She is a hoot. The heat between these two was amazing. I also loved where some of these heated scenes went. Talk about hot! I loved this part of the book.
The writing style of this book was amazing. I could not believe how sucked into the book I got. I lost track of time and fought off my beauty rest because I could not stop turning the pages. The pace was steady. I liked all the minor characters. I will admit that I felt I was missing something by not reading the previous books, but not enough for it to really effect my enjoyment of the book.
Overall, I really liked this book. Okay, I loved it. I could not put it down. When I was done, I wanted to just jump in and start the previous books, that is how much I enjoyed this book. Needless to say, I would recommend this book to others. I cannot wait for Hunter’s book to come out next.
Plot: 5/5
Characters: 5/5
Heat: 5/5
Writing Style: 5/5
Overall: 5/5

In The Series:
Sinner (Reed Security Series #1)
Cap (Reed Security Series #2)
Cazzo (Reed Security Series #3)
Knight (Reed Security Series #4)

   “Not a chance in hell. I happen to like my hands wrapped around your juicy ass.”
She reared back and looked at me in horror. “You think my ass is juicy?”
   “Uh, you’ve seen it, right? It’s big and perfect for me to grab onto.”
She struggled to get down and then pushed me away and stalked out of the water. “I can’t believe you just said my ass was big,” she yelled over her shoulder.
   I stood there a minute trying to figure out what the hell I said that was so wrong. She had the most gorgeous ass I’d ever seen. Didn’t all girls want a big ass like that Kardashian woman? I ran after her and gripped onto her arm, swinging her around to see me.
   “I like that your ass is big.”
   She burst into tears and I stood there with wide eyes, wondering what I was supposed to do. There was a reason I didn’t date women. I didn’t know what the hell to say to them on the best of days. Sex was easy. Please them and they’ll be screaming your name the whole night. This…this was totally foreign to me.
   “Having a big ass is a good thing. Men like to know they have something to grab onto. Besides, we want to know that you’re sturdy enough that we won’t break you when we fuck you.”
   She looked up at me through her tears and cried even harder. “So, now I’m sturdy? Like a tree? Next thing, you’re going to tell me I have big thighs.”
   “Big? No, definitely not big. They’re thick and muscular.”
   “Thick?” She spun away from me and ran for the beach blanket, grabbing her stuff and throwing it in her bag.
   “I like that you’re not a stick,” I said, trying to fix this before I totally fucked up the rest of our day. “If I wanted a model, I would go find one. But those women are all beauty and no brains.”
   She sniffed and wiped at her face. “Well, I’m glad to know that I’m thick like a tree, I have a big ass, and apparently I don’t have beauty, but I have brains.”

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Author bio:
I'm a stay at home mom that loves to read. Some of my favorite titles are Pride and Prejudice, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and Horatio Hornblower. I started writing when I was trying to come up with suggestions on ways I could help bring in some extra money. I came up with the idea that I could donate plasma because you could earn an extra $500/month. My husband responded with, "No. Find something else. Write a blog. Write a book." I didn't think I had anything to share on blog that a thousand other mothers hadn't already thought of. I decided to take his challenge seriously and sat down to write my first book, Jack. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed writing. From there, the stories continued to flow and I haven't been able to stop. I hope my readers enjoy my books as much as I enjoy writing them. Between reading, writing, and taking care of three small kids, my days are quite full.

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