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Title: Ghosted
Series: My Shattered Soul Saga #1
Author: Kristine Schwartz
Genre: Young Adult/Paranormal Romance
Published: October 12, 2017


After spending a summer learning 'good values' through hard work at her first part-time job her parents insisted she get, Blaire Stevens is looking forward to spending some much needed time letting loose with her best friend, Grace, as they dance the night away. But her perfect night of freedom turns deadly in one blinding, soul-shattering moment of destruction.

When Blaire awakens, she finds herself in an extremely plain hospital room, and her doctor has the worst bedside manner possible as Blaire searches for answers on what happened. When it all comes rushing back to her, she finds herself on the other side of the barrier… where an entire realm of ghosts maintain the balance between life and death.

Blaire must learn what it takes to be Ghosted, where everything is different. But as she begins to learn her place in this new realm, not everything is as it seems. Aiden Briar, her emerald-eyed wallflower from that fateful night her life came crashing to an end, comes with a past that will haunt Blaire for the rest of her eternity… if she even survives that long.

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A great idea for a story. I had really high hopes for Ghosted. I really love paranormal novels that create a whole new world that hasn’t been played out a million times. I was really hoping this book would be that for me. It was to a point, but it also fell short for me. This book has mystery, tragedy, romance, and friendship.
The plot of this book is what drew me in. When tragedy strikes, Blaire’s whole life changes. She goes from being a high schooler enjoying the last party of the summer to waking up in a strange new world. As she is acclimated into this new world on the other side of the barrier, changes occur, and secrets arise. Can she trust this new world and the people sworn to help her?
I liked Blaire well enough. She is a strong character. She didn’t let this new world and the tragedy of what happened before break her. She remained as level headed as one can be when joining a new world she knew nothing about. I liked her character. The one character I didn’t really care for? Aiden. I found him weak from the very first scene. I like my men all alpha and he just wasn’t that for me. So this is probably a personal thing for me, but I didn’t like him so much.
This book isn’t about heat, but there is some nice, heart-warming scenes between Aiden and Blaire. There was a nice build up to their friendship. This area of the book was perfect for what this book is. I cannot say anything negative about this area.
I really wanted to love this book. The world that the author created is interesting. Interesting enough to keep me reading to then end, even if I did struggle. I felt that this book could have used some more cohesion. At times, I felt the author just typed on and on describing stuff that I misses interaction with the characters. Otherwise, this book was good.
Overall, I didn’t love this book, but I didn’t hate it either. It just didn’t blow my hair back the way I would have liked. I do think that the author created a world for the characters that was interesting and unique. I just didn’t connect with the characters as I would have liked. I personally wouldn’t read this book again, but I would say give it your own try.
Plot: 4/5
Characters: 3/5
Heat: 5/5
Writing Style: 3/5
Overall: 3/5

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Author Bio:
Kristine Schwartz was born in London, Ontario, Canada, where she quickly developed her love of all things books and stories. After dipping her toes into the writing community by reviewing everything she could get her hands on, she began developing her first book. She published that story, Ghosted, in October of 2017, and she quickly began work on further works to offer readers. As a mother to four, her days are consumed with loving her children, freelance editing, and plotting and writing her next works.

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