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Release+Review-Big Deck-Remy Rose

He has all the right tools...and the skill to use them. 
The first book in the BIG SEXY Series by Remy Rose just went live!

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Need a carpenter who has all the right tools and the skill to use them? Look no further than me, Jackson Decker of Decker Renovation…otherwise known as Big Deck. I’ll let you guess how I may have inherited that nickname. Spoiler alert: it’s not just because I’m 6’5”.  
I take care of my female clients in many ways. Like I said, I’ve got tools. And I’ve also got rules:  
Three seconds, tops, for hugs.  
No going on dates.  
No staying overnight.  
And absolutely no letting anyone mess with my heart.  
I’m yours for the duration of the project. And then, it’s over.  
Most women find it difficult to say goodbye, and to be honest, sometimes it’s hard for me, too…literally. See what I just did there?  
But that’s the way it has to be, and I’ve always been able to handle it.
Until Madeline Callaway.  

I was only looking to get a big bathroom, not a big man, since I’ve basically sworn off relationships after my ex cheated on me. But when Jack Decker showed up at my door with his jaw-dropping sex appeal, devastating charm, and his huge…um, workboots, I found myself wanting his hands on more than just my bathroom fixtures.
I wasn’t prepared for how he’d make me laugh, blush, swoon…ache. Especially ache.
I wasn’t prepared for how much I wanted him to stay.  
Will I be able to follow our mutual agreement of insanely hot, no-strings sex, keep my emotions in check and let Jack go once he’s done the renovation?
Or will I need him to return and repair the hole in my heart?


I'd read this book before, but I read it again to write this review, and because it's an awesome book! This is the first book in the Big Sexy series. It's a great stand alone book. One of the main themes in this book is getting back in the game of love and learning to trust again. Big Deck is a funny and sexy fast paced fun read.

This plot is just hilarious. If the blurb doesn't draw you in, I'm not sure what's wrong with you! Sexy contractor who “takes care” of his female clients... Homeowner who wants a bigger bathroom... They've both been burned in the past and sworn off relationships. But life has a way of creeping up on them and changing rules and minds.

Jack Decker starts the book off with the most amazing lines! He's a great contractor, who happens to be single, studly, and loving the single life. Madeline Calloway is a newly divorced beach home owner in need of a bigger bathroom and enlists Jack's “services.” Despite all Jack's rules, his Calloway gets under his skin. Calloway is one of my favorite book characters because she's such a great strong woman, running a business, yet also endearingly adorable. “I've stubbed my toe, tripped over my cat, and just now spilled my iced coffee down the front of my white t-shirt, so now I'm smelling like butter pecan and looking like a two-year-old in need of a bib.” Pretty sure that was how I met my last contractor, but unfortunately, he didn't share many of Jack's characteristics. Luckily, my husband is awesome like Jack and loves me for my crazy antics.

Ooh, la la, I hope Big Deck used fire safe drywall (is that a thing?)! Or at the very least knows where the fire extinguisher is! Jack has no issues with chemistry with many of his clients, but Calloway is a different experience. “He is absolutely the most delectable piece of eye candy I've ever seen,” at least according to Calloway. So despite their hangups about relationships, their moral compass keeps them true and leads them through some sexy times and tough times.

Big Deck is a fast paced read. It's a just a quick fun romance that makes you feel good! There are so many good quotes and fantastic lines. Plus, both characters have amazing friends that keep them company and grounded.

I liked this book a lot. It's a solid good read. I'm looking forward to reading other books by this author. I think the author did a great job tackling a lot of adult emotions and struggles; while keeping the book cute, and fun, and light.

Favorite Quotes:
“Oh my God in heaven, his ass. I realize I am most likely going to hell for using the Lord's name in the same breath I'm lusting over man buns, but Jesus.”
“If someone could invent a Pause button for my life, I'd appreciate it.”

Star Ratings:
Plot = 4/5 
Characters = 4/5 
Heat = 5/5 
Writing Style = 4/5 
Overall Rating = 4/5


When faking it becomes aching for it…

They say a bachelor with a big “vessel” is a babe magnet. And you know what? They aren’t wrong. But the CEO of the family yacht company (a.k.a. my mother) is rocking my boat, demanding I bed and wed the heiress of one of our biggest competitors. If my mother doesn't get her way and decides to fire me, I forfeit millions in trust fund money. So there's that.

Salvation comes in the form of Delaney Brewster, who just happens to need an investor. In exchange, she agrees to help me stave off Mommie Dearest by pretending to be my girlfriend. It's a crazy faking idea, but even crazier? My heart is telling me that spunky, sexy Delaney could be the real deal.

It’s not an overstatement to say my 9-to-5 equates to lying underneath a hairy fat guy and faking an orgasm. I desperately want to start my own business, but my cash flow…isn’t. Until Damon Cavanaugh makes me an offer my bank account can’t refuse.

Pretending to be his girlfriend should be easy, since I’ve sworn off serious relationships. And let’s face it, he’s easy on the eyes. But the more I get to know Damon, the less it feels like acting. And when his mother steps up the pressure, the gloves—and the masks—have to come off, exposing the one thing I swore to heart.

About the author

Remy has considered herself a writer since first penning the blockbuster “The Talking Cat” at the age of ten. She’s traded her spiral bound notebook and yellow beanbag chair for a MacBook Air and desk, but her love of the craft is still the same. She enjoys reading and writing romance that’s smart, swoony and sprinkled with laugh-out-loud moments, because humor is one of the sexiest things ever. 
Her first women’s contemporary novel was represented by a New York agent, and she’ll never forget the day she got that phone call while in the bedding section of Target. 
An advocate for animal rescue, Remy lives on a small farm with her very understanding husband and probably too many pets. She’s thrilled to be part of Jack’s House, is brimming with ideas for future books, and got a kick out of writing this in third person. 
For more information about Remy, please “Like” her on Facebook and follow her on TwitterInstagram and Goodreads. Remy loves hearing from her readers. Email her directly at

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