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REVIEW - Flawed Heart (House Of Obsidian #1) - Bella Jewel

Title - Flawed Heart (House Of Obsidian #1)
Author - Bella Jewel


Max & Belle's story

This isn't the man I married.
The man I married was strong, beautiful and pure.
The man I married cherished our lives together.
The man I married loved me.

This...This isn't that man.

One night. One accident. It changes everything.

I wish I could tell you the exact moment he fell out of love with me. I wish I could tell you there was hope. That I hung on. That I fought. I wish I could tell you that we fixed it. That happily every after was just out of our grips.

It wasn't. I ran, in the dead of the night, I packed my things and I left him.

Now I'm back. He's still the same man. A deadly underground fighter for the House of Obsidian. He's still dangerous. He's still broken. I still love him.

This is the part where I'm supposed to turn around and run... But I don't.

What It's All About

Max & Ana (Belle), Who have avoided each for so long, but the time has come for them to face each other head on and deal with their marriage, one way or another.

What I thought

I'm a bit torn about this book, i'm a Bella Jewel fan and usually enjoy everything she puts out, and like everyone else when I saw she had a publishing deal, I was thrilled! This however it not the best from her. It all felt so rushed. Everything just felt brushed under. That being said their was plenty to still enjoy about it.

Max and his Blue Belle got married young, everything was going well until Max witnessed something that changed his life forever. He started getting himself messed up and blocking Belle out. He shattered her heart into a million pieces at a time when she needed him. So she ran away, young heartbroken and pregnant with Max's child.
"I've pictured how this would go in my head a thousand times over. I've thought about him rushing forward and scooping Imogen into his arms, or taking me and kissing me seep and hard. I've even thought of him screaming at me for not telling him. I never expected the reaction he gave me. I never imagined it. I never saw it coming."
Fast forward a few years to present day and Max runs the House Of Obsidian fighting club and Ana is back in town with her daughter to help take care of her mum. It is inevitable that they see each other eventually, but when they do, can they  both sort their shit out and admit they were wrong? Max for lying to her and breaking her and Anabelle for not telling him about their daughter. Or will they continue to hold eachothers faults and past mistakes against each other.
"I don't know right now. He is a fighter, Mom. I'm not sure that he's a good man. and the last thing I want to do is introduce Immy to her dad, let her fall in love with him, and then have her heart broken if it goes wrong. I have to be very careful how I play this.

It's so sad the way these too treated each other and they both had years of pain because they simply couldn't tell each other the truth, but I suppose all that matters is that they get there in the end.

Some nice little teasers for the future book about Raid too.  
" You know Rainer?""Yeah, do you?"She looks over to him, with longing in her eyes."I thought I did."Then she disappeared. Well now I'm Curious. I'd thought Pippa was Rainers story, but it would appear I am wrong.

Star Ratings:
Plot = 4/5
Characters = 4/5
Heat =3/5
Writing Style = 3/5
Overall Rating = 3.5/5

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** A copy was kindly provided by the author in return for an honest review**

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