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REVIEW - Unscripted - MC Decker

 TITLE : Unscripted  

AUTHOR : MC Decker



Sometimes life isn’t always that perfect script.

After a decade of searching for happiness, Brooke Anderson finally found what she was looking for when she collided with the one she let get away.

The devastatingly handsome Rich Davis not only offered Brooke her dream job, but his heart as well.

Just when everything seemed like a perfectly scripted fairy tale — tragedy struck.

Will Rich and Brooke’s love survive? Will their script finally end in the Happily Ever After they both so desperately desire?

 My Thoughts:

*contains MAJOR spoilers*

I have never had a problem trying to decide how to write a review. But for the last twenty minutes I've sat here and wondered how I should handle this one.
I want to tell you everything that happens, yet I want to tell you nothing at all but to read the book. You will laugh, cry, fist pump, sigh, and more while reading Unscripted. MC Decker left us with one hell of a cliffhanger in Unwritten and now I finally have Brooke's full story.
MC Decker definitely through me for a loop. I never saw half of what happened coming. I want everyone to read Brooke's story so I will try and stay vague.

At the end of Unwritten we were left with Brooke in the hospital, not knowing if Rich was alive. Well rest assured ladies, Hotty McAsshole is definitely alive. But in the beginning of this book he more than lives up to Cassidy's nickname for him.

We all knew Jason was going to make an appearance in this book. I liked how he seemed remorseful on how things went down with Brooke. He wanted to right his wrongs. It made me want more Jason, I want a Jason book. Anyways, as always Cassidy had to put on her two cents on the subject...

"Um, One word, Brookie-Yankees,” she reminded me." 


Tragedy strikes Brooke and Rich again. This time it pulls them together instead of pulling them apart. Blake's wife got hit by a drunk driver. They had to take the baby prematurely. Unfortunately they couldn't stop Alyssa from hemorrhaging and she passed right when Brooke got to the hospital. Thankfully baby Ben was okay.

This propels Rich and Brooke. Basically at this point it's full steam ahead. They go on vacation together to rekindle the romance. Rich takes her to the house he bought her in Michigan. Tons of swoon worthy moments, and plenty of hot sex.

"Is there like a handbook that you guys carry around with the swooniest lines ever?" I joked

"We can always buy you a new pair. Besides, you're always telling me about those panty-ripping dudes in your smut books. I thought I'd give it a try," he said, adding his signature Hollywood smile.

They get married. Cassidy went nuts setting it all up. Rich ever the romantic made sure Brooke had everything. Cassidy the ever so thoughtful one did her best to remind Brooke that even if they weren't there physically that her mom and Alyssa were watching over her.

Even in the midst of finding HEA they had emotional problems. Aubrey trying to be, well herself. Jason antagonizing Rich.

The ending was perfect. I can't wait to hear more about them in Cassidy's book. I have a feeling I know who Cassidy's man is going to be, but I won't give it away. I'll just leave this here instead.

"You two and your crazy nicknames. It’s like you share a fucking brain."


Plot- 4/5
Heat- 4/5
Characters- 4.5/5
Writing style- 4/5
Overall- 4.5/5

**I was given an ARC in exchange for a fair and honest review. **



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