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REVIEW - Hotel Of Seduction - Marina Anderson

Title: Hotel Of Seduction
Author: Marina Anderson


Are you ready for a weekend away at the Hotel of Seduction?

Grace has won the man of her dreams - and her fantasies. Brooding, sensual, wealthy and handsome, their days and nights are filled with pleasure. But can this enigmatic man truly love her?

Together they have set up a secret, exclusive hotel for adventurous couples, designed to open their guests' eyes to the darker, deeper side of desire. But one of the visitors has an agenda, and David is becoming distracted by a new arrival.

As they explore the delights on offer, Grace realises this is a test: if she fails, she will lose David to his next passing fancy. If she succeeds, she will secure his love for ever, and he will finally invite her into his world . . .

Take some time away and allow yourself to be seduced by The Hotel of Seduction

What It's All About
Grace a theatre director, her other half David and their various sexcapades whilst starting their new Business.

What I thought
Grace is a woman happy with her life. She is happy with her job in the theatre and she is happy with her partner David. They're about to branch out together in business, they are opening up a new hotel!
Its is not just any hotel (the clue is in the title) Its a secret, exclusive, naughty hotel, where those inclined to do so can live their fantasies in a safe, private and comfortable place.

Not only are they opening their hotel, they have been apart for 3 months. with Grace in London and David in Japan. Their meagre telephone calls have barely sustained them and they're looking forward to "catching up" (wink wink)

"you might as well leave now; you're already with him mentally, if not physically. I wish I understood your passion for him. He's so not your type of man."

Of course like any couple in an industry such as this, they have their own sexual proclivities and we get to join then on their journey. 

In all honestly, this was difficult to read. It was supposedly romantic erotica, but somewhere along the way the romance seemed to have been forgotten and it was all about the erotica, like every chapter. 

The sex was..... clinical? It was very un-arousing. There just seemed so much emphasis on there being lots of sex, that the quality of it was deemed unimportant. Personally I would rather one or two really good sex scenes in a whole book, than a whole book of bland "fucking"

I have gotta give some credit for the rest of the writing though, the author is descriptive and she does build a good back ground story, but that brings me to the biggest problem with this book.

At no point was I informed that this was carrying on from another series, and from looking at retailers / review sites etc it is apparently not. Yet for some reason, all the way through, the author has brought up various people / situations from previous books. These have no baring on me as a new reader and should have no impact on the story but they do. The use of "history" from previous books is beyond excessive.
It did not make me want to go and read the other books. It made me not want to finish this one. And that is a shame.

"We know one out of each pair, from the club, just to be sure that they know what they've signed up for. Andrew's been in charge of bookings".

Star Ratings:

Plot = 4/5
Characters = 3/5
Heat = 2/5
Writing Style = 2/5
Overall Rating = 3/5

**A copy was provided by NetGalley in return for an honest review**

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