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REVIEW - Cameron's Contract (Enthrall Sessions #5) - Vanessa Fewings

TITLE : Cameron's Contract (Enthrall Sessions #5)

AUTHOR : Vanessa Fewings



 Enemies swirl. Boundaries break. Love shatters.

The master is being challenged like never before, but those who claw for his possessions will feel his wrath. Billionaire Cameron Cole is a man without equal. For his true wealth is his intellect.

Words bind, and once ink soaks paper, lives change.

With Cameron’s Contract, the second novella in the bestselling Enthrall Sessions, author Vanessa Fewings raises the stakes and deepens the passion for a world renowned psychiatrist and his beloved submissive.

My Thoughts:

I've constantly put off writing this review. I felt that, once I wrote it, it would really be the end. 
Cameron's Control is the second of the Enthrall Sessions Novellas, and the end of Cameron's story. Of course that could always change, but it ended in such a way, that it felt complete, and resolved.
Almost like closure. 
When Enthrall Him finished, we didn't really get to see what became of Cameron and Mia. Yes the ending was perfection, but there was no epilogue, so we could see what happened after those final moments. For obvious reasons, now that Cameron's two novellas are out.  
Anyway, reading Cameron's Contract, it felt like the end. Everything was rounded off perfectly, and it was perfection, of course, but also really sad to think it's the end. 

Empires falling, enemies taking aim and sealing out fate - Mia outshone all those falsehoods, those desperate men who'd failed to learn what it was to truly love. To find peace in the center of a storm. 

In Cameron's Contract, the story continues straight on from the end of Cameron's Control. Right back in the action, and drama like it's the same book. So it was easy to fall straight back in to the flow. 
After the dramatic storyline that took up the end of Control, we come back to it and the tension is immediately present within the first few paragraphs. 
Mia is in danger, and Cameron and Shay, a vision of control at it's very best, storm in and handle the situation with perfection. They seem to work in some sort of synchronized act, every move, thought, and method is planned and executed in such a gripping and intense style, and I'm left with my mouth gaping at how well they handled it.

"Remember what you once told me? Our subconscious naturally guides us to our future."
"Sounds like I was trying to get into your panties"

After that particular drama. They seem to jump straight back in to more, when they arrive late to board Cameron's fathers jet, to head to New York. They are going with Cameron's brother Henry, to try and save the family business, Cole Tea from a hostile takeover from the board. 
The future of the family business is at stake, and of course it is going to take the control, and shrew mind of Cameron to come up with something, and fast. 

"I've lost everything, yet you make me feel like I've won."

The pace of this story was pretty fast and intense. Baring in mind, that it is a novella, and only so many pages to squeeze in a huge amount of content. At one point I wasn't sure if there was enough pages left, to conclude their story. 
But, there was. And it was a storyline that managed to conclude a lot of questions, that hung over Cameron's head from before. 
His fate, and Henry's. What would become of the business, and everyone connected to it. Would Cameron be able to step up, when it was most needed, and then continue to support the business when it was most vulnerable. 

Mia, where truth and beauty always waited for me.

Of course, the outcome was as I expected. Cameron, is a sheer Master in all aspects of his life. He can handle every situation, and come out on top. How he manages to turn everything around, without breaking out in a sweat, is extremely hot, and just makes him even more desirable to me. 
But on the reverse of that, is someone who seems to be a perfect match for Cameron. Mia. I knew they were like 2 pieces fitting perfectly together. But this story just showed how incredible they really are together, in all aspects of their lives. Mia is exactly what Cameron always needed, and it is more than obvious to all who see them. 

In my world, our self-inflicted bondage with chains, cuffs, and ropes was never about containment, but freedom, a letting go. 

We also get a little show from Richard, whom I have actually missed. It's nice to see him back again, even if it is from the other end of a phone, or computer. He still rocks his scenes, and although I never wanted him with Mia, I still love him huge amounts. 

As always, the passion and chemistry between Cameron and Mia, is unlike any other fictional couple I have read about. Sometimes, when a couple you root for, eventually gets together, you lose interest after the event. But this particular couple, are incredible in each and every scene together. And the love scenes, are smoking hot, no matter what the circumstances, they manage to rock ever moment together, in the hottest way possible. 

My head was filled with her, only her. She's been the only woman who could heal me, reach me, and now I knew that Mia was the only woman who could've ever broken me out of my very own Chrysalis.

I seriously will never tire, of reading this series. Each and every book has wowed me, they just keep on getting better, and every story is incredibly addictive, I just don't want them to end. 
Not one part of this final episode of Cameron's story, was lacking. It was sheer perfection, and I couldn't get enough. Of course it is made perfect by the incredible talent, and skill of this Author. She really knows how to write scenes, that leave you wanting so much more. 
I have no idea what is next in this series, but whatever it will be, I will be stupidly excited, as I know it will be perfect. If it is the end of Cameron and Mia's story, I will be sad, but I'll be happy knowing their ending was perfect for them. And it's exciting to think, there may be some equally naughty and sinfully sexy stories to come. 

Find ourselves. A moment to just be.

Fantastic as always. 5++ Stars!!


Plot = 5/5
Characters = 5/5
Heat = 5/5
Writing Style = 5/5
Overall Rating = 5/5


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