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REVIEW - Rock Solid? (The Next Generation Series #1) - K E Osborn

 TITLE: Rock Solid? (The Next Generation Series #1)

AUTHOR: K E Osborn




From the Author who brought you The Rock God Series, comes The Next Generation Series. A spin off including the great characters you loved from the original books.

Rock Solid? The Next Generation Series #1
Growing up as the adopted daughter of the world’s most famous rock singer isn't all it’s cracked up to be. Annie Slade has lived her entire life with wealth, fame and everything she’s ever dreamed of. She has a perfect family, an amazing best friend and everything is going great for her.But when has the road to the top ever run smoothly? Can Annie survive the hurdles, tight turns, and dangers at every corner?

Annie starts to realise, that following in her father’s footsteps and becoming as famous as he is, has its downside. With fame comes paparazzi, fans and gossip. Mix that, with hormones racing through her body confusing her to no end and the emotions of being a young teenager, well, Annie becomes one unsettled rock star.

Aston is Annie's best friend. They've grown up together, lived, breathed and felt every bump in this rock star road together. Will Annie realise that her true love has been there all along? Or will a blast from her past make everything Annie has ever wished for become a deadly reality?


Rock Solid is a story about Annie and how she copes with life.
Annie is one of two adopted children to rock star Colt and his wife, Lia.
Elle, her adopted sister, Aston, her best friend, Caleb, her cousin, and Chad, a close family friend, are the members of the band Staked.
This book is mostly about Annie and her life, but through her eyes we also get to see Staked and how they form and take off as a real rock band with a bright future.
Not only do we get to see Annie’s life unfold, we also get to see the other band members’ lives and how Annie perceives how they are dealing with the pressures of fame and relationships.

I actually really liked this book. I thought it was a good representation of real life relationships and issues. The story revolves around Annie and throughout the book you get to hear her thoughts and feelings on the situations occurring around her.
Since Annie is adopted, she has a lot of unresolved feelings of feeling unwanted and unlovable. Due to these deep rooted feelings, it causes her issues as she learns to grow and fall in love. She makes many mistakes, but is able to learn from them and move on with her life.
This book does a lot of time jumping. It starts off with Annie and Aston as kids and time jumps several times. Usually, I do not like books with a lot of time jumps, but the author did a nice job of using the time jumps to further the story line.
With that being said, I believe these time jumps should have been labeled better as sometimes I was not sure how much time had passed. Also, the author time jumped from the beginning of Annie and Aston’s relationship to one year later, which I felt made me miss out on all that honeymoon, first falling in love feelings.

I really liked how the author addressed the issues of Annie’s self-esteem and self-destructive ways. These are real issues that some kids face and I feel the author did a great job of accurately representing these kids. I think that having Annie’s father be portrayed as overbearing was a fair representation as well, as I could see a famous rock star being overly strict with his daughters out of fear.
What I loved most about this book is Annie’s open relationship with her mother. I really enjoy a good mother-daughter relationship.
The main plot of this book, of course, is the love story between Annie and Aston. I think their love story is so sweet. They started off as childhood friends and it grew into something more. There are many issues along the way and they had to get over situations that were tough, but I really enjoyed to read about their love story. There were many times that the author was able to make me feel what Annie was feeling, even to the point that I teared up. That is saying a lot since I rarely even tear up at a book.
I really enjoyed how sweet and attentive Aston was towards Annie. To showcase this, I wanted to include a couple of my favorite quotes from the book:

“I want to take my time with you, and cherish your body by worshipping you and the ground you walk on. You mean everything to me and I do not want to f**k this up by moving too quickly.” Ashton to Annie

“Annie you deserve to be shown how much I love you. And all this…” he waves his hands around, “all this doesn’t even begin to show you how deeply and utterly in love with you I am, and have always been.” Ashton to Annie.

Overall, I would rate this book 4 stars. I really enjoyed the story line and was able to get into the book, but felt that it could use some minor adjustments to make the story better.




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