Saturday, June 13, 2015

REVIEW - Only Tonight - Elizabeth Miller

Title - Only Tonight
Author - Elizabeth Miller


I have nothing.

I’ve lost everything.
The man I loved stole it from me.
The woman I was days ago no longer exists. What I believed to be true love is dead and buried. I’m leaving. Abandoning every reminder of the life I once had. I won’t need anything but shorts and flip-flops where I’m going. 

Faith Owens ran away from life two years ago, losing herself in easy living on a small private island. Preferring carefree days as a bartender to the stressful haunting of her past, Faith chooses a life of isolation. A night like every other, she expects tips but she finds the one thing she isn't looking for—Kyle.

Kyle Sommerton walks through life alone, a traveling soldier protecting others. Physically exhausted from the pitfalls of his career, he seeks a night of solace on a small private island off of the Florida Keys. A night of solitude at a beach bar, he expects a beer but he finds the one thing he isn't looking for—Faith.

What happens when rules are broken and two hearts collide for only one night? Only Tonight is an adult contemporary romance, due to strong language and sexual content this book is not intended for readers under the age of 18. 

My Thoughts

*Contains spoilers*

I usually dislike Novellas. They leave me wanting more, which Only Tonight definitely did. With that being said Only Tonight was a good Novella, and I enjoyed it.

"There is absolutely no way I can leave her, not her body or her life. I've not felt this level of intensity before having faith" 

  • I want to know is Faith pregnant? 
  • Is Kyle going to come back for her? 
  • Will she start to finally live after her horrible past. 
  • How does Mickey fit in?
  • Needless to say I will be waiting for the novel. 

 “I’ve no desire to sleep, Cowboy. And let’s be clear—when I want you in my mouth, I’ll have you there.” 
I drop my pants and kneel on the mattress. On my hands and knees, I stalk my way over her until we’re mouth to mouth. 

Star Rating - 4 Stars

**This is a re-release. Only tonight was originally published in the multi author anthology "When Destiny Calls"**

**I was given an ARC in exchange for a fair and honest review.**

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