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Seraphim Question Time - Karla Sorensen!!

Seraphim Question Time with Karla Sorensen

Relatively new author on the block Karla Sorensen has joined us for Seraphim Question Time, our exclusive author Q&A, to coincide with the release and our review of book two in her "Three little words" series "Light Me Up"

Karla's Author Bio

Karla Sorensen has been an avid reader her entire life, preferring stories with a happily-ever-after over just about any other kind. And considering she has an entire line item in her budget for books, she realized it might just be cheaper to write her own stories. It doesn't take much to keep her happy...a book, a glass of moscato, and at least thirty minutes of complete silence every day. She still keeps her toes in the world of health care marketing, where she made her living pre-babies. Now she stays home, writing and mommy-ing full time (this translates to almost every day being a 'pajama day' at the Sorensen household...don't judge). She lives in West Michigan with her husband, two exceptionally adorable sons and their German Shepherd, who is not nearly as well trained as the one in her first book.

Describe yourself in 3 words.
Tall, Dutch, Stubborn. 

If you could have written any book which book would it be and why?
Oh geez, it's the most obvious cliche, but Pride and Prejudice. It's not even my favorite of Austen's books, but it's hard to fathom writing a book that is so ADORED over the last two hundred years. 

Who is your favourite of your own characters (either already written or still in your head) and why?
It's a toss up right now between Rachel (the heroine in Light Me Up) 
and Kieran (the hero in book 3). 
They're both incredibly honest, just a little snarky, and have no pretense. 
It's easy for me to tap into their head, which is probably why they're my favorites. 
And Rachel bottles her emotions so much that when she feels things, 
or lets herself feel things, it really affected me. 
I found myself tearing up a LOT when I wrote some of her scenes. 

Best book you have read so far this year, and your Favourite book of all time?
Oh geez, I read more than I should so it's hard for me to remember them all! Off the top of my head, My Time in the Affair by Stylo Fantome, Clipped Wings and Inked Armor by Helena Hunting and even though it made me WEEP for hours, Firefly Lane by Kristen Hannah. 

Are there any other authors who inspire you?
LOTS. My writer friends for all the things they do so well (and differently), and the ones who are so insanely popular but do an incredible job of interacting with their readers (Diana Gabaldon, Kristin Higgins and Susan Elizabeth Phillips are the ones I think of first). 

Favourite thing that's been said about one of your books?
I had a friend who messaged me saying that she hadn't done any pleasure reading in years, but devoured my book in days. That feels awesome. 

What does the next twelve months look like in your book world?
Hopefully four books in the next 12 months! Oy. That makes me tired just thinking about it.

Who is your current book boyfriend and who is your all time, old faithful, go to book boyfriend?
Sigh. I recently finished doing a re-read of Beautiful Secret by Christian Lauren, so Niall Stella. All-time favorite? Hmmm. Jamie Fraser from Outlander or Captain Wentworth from Persuasion. 

If you were stuck on an island with just one paperback book, which book would it be?
That's about the most impossible question EVER. That's like asking me what one kind of food I'd eat for the rest of my life (come on. Crab Rangoons.) But if someone put a weapon in my face and made me choose....I'll go literal and pick On The Island by Tracey Garvis-Graves. I've read that book probably ten times in the last 18 months, and it's appropriate for the situation. 

Favorite line from a book.
Again, how am I supposed to pick?!  Hmm. I'll go with this line from Ten Below Zero by Whitney Barbetti, because when I first emailed her and offered to be a beta reader (which I have NEVER done), I had no idea it would start one of the closest friendships I have! And I just love this book. 
""I so desperately wanted to be his gravity, to hold him on this earth and keep him from leaving me."" 

What's your go to karaoke song?
Pffft. Easy. Down in Mississippi by Sugarland. 

You've opened up your wardrobe and your clothes aren't there, instead it's your dream world! You walk through, what's the first thing you see?
The first thing I see is an empty beach (on Lake Michigan, NOT the ocean, because sharks), with one chair. Next to the chair is a table holding a margarita and a book. See? My blood pressure is going down just thinking about it.

Is there a particular genre, maybe outside your comfort zone that you would like to write?
I mainly read books with a love story in them, but I go on binges with the type of romance. Sometimes all I read for weeks is historical, then I do inspirational for awhile, then the darker, grittier ones, but I always come back to contemporary.

What's the best and worst advice you've ever received?
Hmm, I really can't think of truly bad advice. But the best advice I received, hands down, was from Kristin Higgins. I was about midway through my first book when we first started emailing, and I hadn't written in a few months. I got into the trap of constantly rereading what I'd written, and had a hard time moving forward. She told me to just plow through and finish the first draft, NEVER going back and reading until you finish the entire thing. Then don't touch the book for at least two weeks, so you have fresh eyes to sit down and revise. It was like someone flipped a switch in my head after that. It completely freed up my voice, and I learned to trust myself a lot more. I never would have finished that book if she hadn't told me that. 

What words do you love to use, and see in books, and what words do you hate to use / see?
I've always been a vocabulary dork. I enjoy when I read books that have words I don't know and need to look up. 

Panties and Moist. MAKE THEM GO AWAY.

If you had one superpower, what would it be?
Easy. Flying. It's the most versatile. 

Most underrated author / book you've read?
I don't know if underrated is the right word, I just wish more people knew about her!! My very first writing partner, and dear friend, Katrina Kirkpatrick is so immensely talented. Her book Better With Sugar is phenomenal and I wish I could force EVERY ROMANCE READER EVERYWHERE to read it. But force them nicely, not like in a rude way. Because then they probably wouldn't like me. Or the book.

Who is your absolute favourite man candy?
Probably Chris Hemsworth. He's just...kinda perfect. 

Anything you would like to say? 
This was my first author interview, and it was kinda awesome to have to think about 
how to answer all these questions! I feel like I need a glass of wine to celebrate. 
And yo, I love being cyber stalked!!

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