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REVIEW - Be The One (Crave #2) - Nina Levine

Title - Be The One (Crave #2)
Author - Nina Levine


Presley & Jett's story continues.

Jett Vaughn has one thing on his mind these days - Presley Hart. He will do anything it takes to make her his. At least, he thinks he will.

Presley Hart wants one thing in life - a man who will make her his number one. After being married to a man who never put her first, she swore she'd never settle for second best again. At least, she thought she wouldn't.

When Jett's life comes crashing down around him, his flaws are laid bare for all to see. Presley stands by her man but there's only so much she can do to help him. She loves him and wants to be with him but she has her limits and Jett's about to reach them.

In the midst of hurt, loss and destruction, can love win out? Can a man who is struggling to find his way, show the woman he loves just how much he wants her to be the one? Or is there only so much a heart can take before enough's enough?

What it's all about

The conclusion to the story of the heart breaker and the ball breaker. Two opposites who attracted in book one are fast moving through the honeymoon period and having to face real life. With real issues. Are they willing to work together to move on?
"Life is like a storm, one minute calm and the next it's all chaos and mess. Promise me you won't wait for the storm to pass. Promise me you'll dance in the rain"

What I thought

As with the end to any series (no matter how small the series is) that I've enjoyed. I'm sad to say goodbye, but I'm especially sad this time.

Anyone who knows me knows, I'm something of a Nina fan. I met her earlier this year and like a great big idiot I cried. She was amazing and she knew my name! However regardless of my love for this woman, I've always been honest in my opinions. And although she has previously written very strong, powerful, exciting women. I have never connected to any of them, Until Presley. So saying goodbye to her has been tough.
"Has anyone ever told you how dangerous you are"
So much went on, in Be The One, there was love, laughter, fights, some seriously hot sex and a level of heart wrenching devastation we've never seen from Nina before. Between the bands future being epicly rocked by allegations against one of its members. The fighting in the band stemming from Vans refusal to admit that he has issues and Jett's loss and personal struggle, I was emotionally done. I laughed, I cried, I was Angry and i was elated. This book put me through the mill.
"Eventually it will all catch up with you and you'll realise how lonely and unhappy you are on your own. Don't let your greatest fear hold you back from everything you want in life."
It was all worth it though. This book delivers! Everything I want from a good romance! I have my Hero and Heroine Jett & Presley. It has my mortal enemy Lennon, Presley's (ex)husband. It has a broken boy I wanna fix, Van, Jett's band mate and It has sex. Lots of sex. Hot, jealousy inducing sexy sex! 

Be The One took me on a Journey.

The heart breaker met the ball breaker.

And together they gave us Nina's best story to date.
"This one's for you Princess"

"Fuck Cancer"

Star Ratings:
Plot - 5/5
Characters 5/5
Heat 4.5/5
Writing Style 5/5
Overall Rating 5/5

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**A copy of this book was generously provided by the author in return for an honest review**

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