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REVIEW - Beautiful Lessons - Rebecca Brooke & S. Moose

TITLE : Beautiful Lessons

AUTHORS : Rebecca Brooke & S. Moose



For Jayceon Ashworth, he's lucky to make it through the day without the torment and aggravation. Pushing aside the taunting, he focuses on football and art until Seona Fisher crashes into his life.

Seona Fisher gets a second chance. Moving to College Station, Texas to be with her brother, Travis, is something she needs to escape the demons of her past. Starting over is never easy. Letting go of old habits is hard, but seeing his green eyes changes her world.

A friendship turns into them both wanting one another, and neither of them able to fight their feelings. But when the demons of darkness come back, Seona has to find her way through and back into Jayceon's arms.


*Contains spoilers*

Beautiful Lessons is a book about young love and life.
It's about how two completely different people can come together, and complete each other and the obstacles that are thrown in their way.

You have Jayceon a senior in High school, a starter on the football team, and the son of a retired NFL player turned coach for A&M. You would think he would be popular, but he's not.
His junior year he witnessed the king of the school Chaz, drug and attempt to rape a girl.
The girl covered for the guy and Jayceon had a target on his back.
Jayceon was bullied. When I say bullied I mean physically pushed around, books being knocked out of his hands, and clothes getting stolen from the locker room.
Realistically, I have a hard time believing that Chaz bullied him,  as bad as they say it was. Chaz and Jayceon are the same size, if anything Jayceon was bigger.

Then you have Seona. She moved to Texas to be with her brother Travis and his dad Mark.
Her father is abusive, thus being the reason she left. She's popular, a cheerleader, and a senior as well. She's been living day by day.
Her and Jayceon meet right off the bat. I will give her kudos for being persistent with Jayceon. Due to his bullying he didn't trust anyone, except his two friends Brendan and Alyssa.

"The drive home gives me time to think about the day and Seona. Could there finally be someone else at school that won’t listen to the bullshit Chaz and Vanessa spread around."

Boy meets girl, boy and girl fall in love, and everything goes up in flames. 
When Seona's dad tracks her down, to take her back to Michigan everything goes haywire. 
Everyone finds out her dad is a politician, and likes to beat on her. 
She breaks up with Jayceon because "he deserves better".
When she finally decides to get him back, Alyssa keeps throwing her self at Jayceon so Seona thinks they are together. Jayceon gets jealous over Seona and Brendan's relationship. He thinks it's more than just friendship when its not.

I love Seona's relationship with her brother. For not being raised together and for him being 4-5 years older he was awesome. Travis never took sides when they weren't together he just pushed them both to work things out.

"Man, don’t walk away. This isn’t so much about my sister as it is about you. I know better than anyone how she fucked everything up. I watched it happen. And if you were a hundred percent happy, I’d never bring it up. But I can tell you’re not happy."

Needless to say I wasn't too thrilled with this book. I felt like the dialog was more or less set for someone in junior high versus a senior in high school. There wasn't any sort of heat. The only part I swooned over was towards the ending. Which I can't spoil.

"Flashes go off all around us, but I don’t worry about pictures; a few of our friends from school are out there capturing it all for us."


Plot - 2.5/5
Characters - 3/5
Heat - 1/5
Writing style - 2.5/5
Overall - 2.5/5



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