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REVIEW - Twisted (Twisted Novel #2) - R.C. Stephens


TITLE - Twisted Love (A Twisted Novel #2)

AUTHOR - R.C. Stephens


It’s always easy to say what one should have or could have done to change the events in their life, but what happens when it's too late? When the damage is already done? Do I just give up? It’s hard to see a way out when I am lost in a sea of pain and have to face the realization that a chain of bad choices put me in my present state.

I’ve always believed I was a fighter, but somewhere along the line I forgot that, I gave up, I broke down. But here’s the thing, I wanted to be better, I wanted another chance to do better.

Don’t you think I knew all along that Dylan was my light, my love? I did. But like I said love is twisted.

When someone falls victim to their worst nightmare do you catch them when they fall or do you turn your back on them? I know I shouldn’t question this, but Luc understood my inner turmoil. Two broken souls, our bond almost seemed unbreakable. Almost.

I’ve met obstacle after obstacle. It’s laughable that I thought the threat would end with Luc. The threat is real, the fear I feel when I look over my shoulder is all real.

I’m Alexis White and I’ve learned from my mistakes, the question is: will I be brave enough to give away my heart forever?


** Spoilers, especially if you have not read the first book yet.**

Twisted Love is the continuation of Bitter Sweet Love, which ended on a cliffhanger.
The book opens with Lexi being taken to the hospital due to severe bleeding and injuries.
This is due to the last scene of the first book in which Luc, her husband, beats her severely. Throughout this book, Lexi is overcoming her fears and past scars of abuse from both Luc and her mother. She is also learning to evaluate her feelings and make decisions based on that.
The main plot of the story is that she is going to testify against Luc and his father, which of course puts her in danger.

This book has a lot of repetitiveness from the first book with Lexi's thoughts, which I guess is realistic since people often times think the same thoughts over and over, but it slowed the progress of the book down.

I really like how the author opened the book with a scene that made you wonder what was going on, then flashed back to a month before the incident. I think it gives you something to look forward to and piques your interest in what is going on.
With the love triangle, you are wondering which man she is talking about in the snapshot of the future. I also love how she shows, that both men love Lexi and are willing to do just about anything for her.
Luc is the antihero that you are supposed to hate, but the author is creative and spins his story so that we can see that maybe the way he acts is not 100 percent his fault. That’s not to say his actions are excusable, but Lexi does love him and the author shows her conflicted feelings over his negative actions and his positive actions.
There is a specific scene near the end of the book that, in my eyes, helps show who he really is as a person.
Dylan is just a saint in my opinion. In the book he alludes to past transgressions and mistakes, but any man willing to stay beside a woman with as many conflicting feelings as Lexi deserves a medal.
He truly is the hero of the story.
Overall, I liked the basis of the story, but thought there was still too much fluff. Also, the repetitiveness was annoying at times, which is why I rated this book a 3.


*Received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.*


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