Thursday, June 7, 2018

Release Blitz & Review - #1 Lie - T Gephart

#1 LIE by T. Gephart just went LIVE!



Working in Hollywood meant Jessica Dawson was used to lying. As an assistant to one of the biggest agents in town, biting her tongue and spewing out sugarcoated untruths were an almost daily occurrence. But fabricating alternate realities never spilled into her personal life, until three months ago when she told the biggest lie of all.

While her dear gran lay on her deathbed, Jessica mentioned she’d met her soul mate. It had been Gran’s last wish to see all her grandkids settled down before she went to see Jesus. And as the only one still single, Jessica didn’t have the heart to disappoint her.

No one expected Gran to make a miraculous recovery.

Now, Gran was expecting to meet Jessica’s perfect man at her cousin’s wedding, which meant she needed to find a perfect man fast. Hiring a professional was the only solution.

Enter Dave Larsson, younger brother to one of Hollywood’s elite.

Sexy, funny and just as smoldering hot as his super-famous sibling—he had talent and charm to spare. But most importantly, he was affordable and available.

All she needed to do was haul Dave home, have him meet Gran and the family, then shortly after the wedding, “break up” with him.

It was either that, or admit to her #1 Lie.

Only thing she didn’t plan on was the bigger lie she would need to tell herself when it was time to let him go.

Our Review:

“Can you fake falling in love? 5 stars”

Jess did the unthinkable on her grandmother’s death bed, she lied. She lied her behind off and now its caught up to her. Her family expects her to miraculously pull the perfect boyfriend out of thin air. Jess has known Dave for years and although she has always liked him she never planned on doing anything about it, but now she finds herself doing another unthinkable. Can Jess convince Dave to take the staring roll as her boyfriend and help her out?
Dave has always had a thing for Jess but knew she wouldn’t cross those lines because of the business they are in, but when she comes to him with a proposition how can he say no? She thinks he’s acting his little heart out but in reality, he’s just doing what comes naturally when it comes to her. What happens when best laid plans end up exploding around them? Will they be able to recover?
I adored these two together. Dave brought out the LA in his southern girl and she simply made him happy. #1 Lie will make you laugh and if you’ve ever spent any time in the south you can totally see this happening like a movie in your mind. The secondary characters just added to the story. If you take a chance on #1 Lie you won’t fall out of the story until the very end.
Writing style-5/5


Author Bio:

T Gephart is a USA Today and International bestselling author from Melbourne, Australia.
With an approach to life that is somewhat unconventional, she prefers to fly by the seat of her pants rather than adhere to some rigid roadmap. Her lack of "plan" has resulted in a rather interesting and eclectic resume, which reads more like the fiction she writes than an actual employment history. She'd tell you all about it, but the statute of limitations hasn't expired yet. But all those crazy twists and turns have led her to a career she loves—writing romantic comedy.
When she isn't filling pages with sassy and sexy characters with attitude, she's living her own reality show in the 'burbs of Melbourne with her American husband, two teenage children, and her fur child—Woodley.
She loves adventure, to laugh, travel, and strives to live her life to the fullest.

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