Sunday, June 10, 2018

REVIEW - The Curve - Leslie Pike

TITLE - The Curve
AUTHOR - Leslie Pike


Atticus Swift has the world by the balls. He’s got timing and a natural rhythm in life that serves him well. The sexy Memphis Mavericks catcher is passionate about his career. Everything else requires little effort from him. For the Swift dynasty, baseball runs in their blood. It practically gallops.
Sidelined by an injury, he spots a woman across the room at a signing. And she’s paying him no attention. Her focus is on a shy teenage girl.

Charlotte Bay is dedicated to her responsibilities. And even though she dreams of romance and love, no man has gotten close enough to figure that out. Because above all, Charlotte’s a single mother whose goal is to raise a happy, confident child. Daughter Mallory has scars, emotional and physical. Both mother and child are a little broken, but even personal trials have an expiration date. And maybe their time has arrived.

Louise's Review:

The Curve is book 1 in the Swift Series, it is an easy to read, drama free, Baseball romance novel.

Atticus is a high-profile Baseball player with an even larger than life swagger. He is a player on and off the field and is stopped in his tracks by a woman who doesn’t care for his stature. Charlotte would do anything for her daughter, even if that means attending baseball signings even though she has no clue how the game works. 

Atticus goes after what he wants and he will do anything to show Charlotte that he can be more than a friend. He inserts himself into her life with the help from Charlottes daughter, stepping out of his comfort zone to show that he is willing to embarrass himself to get her attention. Charlotte is a strong, independent woman who has done everything in her power to make sure that her daughter has the best life possible. She puts her own life on the back burner but after meeting Atticus her walls start to crumble and this could be her one shot at happily ever after. 

Atticus had eyes for Charlotte from the beginning, and as much as charlotte wanted to say she didn’t, she does. They have an easy chemistry that begins as flirty friendship and leads them both into sizzle and pop territory. 

This is my first Leslie Pike book; her writing is effortless and one of the easiest I have had the pleasure in reading. The way that Leslie wrote about Atticus and Charlotte made you feel like you were there in the book cheering them on. Leslie touched on Bullying which is current issue that anyone can relate to, she wrote about it with so much grace that made you fall in love with the book even more.

This is a laidback, fun, loving and the swoon worthy romance.  Their easy relationship makes you not want to put the book down, which is probably why I read this book in one sitting. I cannot wait to see who Leslie will write about next in the series, I will be keeping an eye out for it. 

Star Ratings;
Plot: 5/5
Characters: 5/5
Heat: 5/5
Writing Style: 5/5
Overall: 5/5

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