Thursday, June 28, 2018

Release Blitz & Review - Because of Logan - Erica Alexander

Title: Because of Logan
Series: Riggins U #1
Author: Erica Alexander
Genre: New Adult Romance
Release Date: June 28, 2018


All her life Skye Devereaux has been content to live in the shadow of her beautiful and vivacious fraternal twin.
But when she meets a sexy and charming police officer, Skye decides she deserves more.
She’s worthy of more.
Now she wants to throw off her introvert shell.
She wants to challenge her fears.
And she wants him.
So what if she's scared?
She'll fake it until she makes it.

Logan Cole left behind a life he never chose to live.
Being a cop gave him the escape he needed to be on his own.
With a past he’d rather forget, he holds everyone at bay.
But when chance brings him face-to-face with an intriguing and awkward girl, Logan knows he can’t let her go.
So what if he's scared?
He just needs to figure out how to let her in while protecting his heart.


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Our Review:

I thoroughly enjoyed this cute college read. The author wove an amazing tale of sweet characters and believable plot. This is the first book in the Riggins University series by this author, and my first book by Ms. Alexander. It's full of funny one liners and well developed emotions.

This book takes us along as college student Skye comes into her own, while finding love with Logan. It's a well written plot about love, personal growth, friendships and family. I enjoyed the main theme of Skye coming into her own despite being a twin. Her growth and awareness were on point for her old soul, and something many people experience during their college years... “this self-imposed shell feels constrictive. I'm outgrowing it, and I have no idea what to do with myself.”

We follow Skye, the ugly duckling to her sister's swan. Logan is police officer, and older than Skye. And while the age difference provides some struggles for the two, it also works in this book; Skye is a very responsible woman, yet still a naive college girl; which work as a perfect foil to Logan's need for some fun and trust. I think one quote that works for all the characters is “I'm a work in progress,” and I was excited to be along for the ride!

These characters felt an obvious attraction right away, but played it safe and responsible. I liked how they worked on getting to know each other, and especially how Logan tread carefully around the age difference and place authority. But when the time comes, they come together organically through their trust and love.

I adored the writing of Ms. Alexander. She had such witty and emotional writing that drew me to read this book in one sitting. Between fun lines like “I want to eat your cookies, and I know I'll love them,” and “I didn't plan bail money into this month's budget” I was laughing and hurting with the characters as they moved through life.

“Often, courage is measured against how brave one is, but now I wonder about a different kind of courage. The courage to expose oneself and the willingness to get hurt in the process. If I'm to measure myself by this yardstick, I'm a coward.” I loved the growth and development of not only the main characters, but the supporting characters as well. I can't wait to read future books to find out what Skye's twin is up to, or learn more about Logan's brother Liam (FYI, Logan texting to Liam slays me!).

Star Ratings:

Plot = 5/5
 Characters = 5/5
 Heat = 5/5
 Writing Style = 5/5
 Overall Rating = 5/5


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Erica Alexander has been a storyteller her entire life. If she’s not writing stories, she’s daydreaming them. Which has gotten her in trouble once or twice. She has an inclination to use sarcasm and she can make anything that comes out of her mouth, sound dirty.
It’s a gift.

When Erica is not writing, reading or daydreaming new stories, she enjoys baking, looking up pictures of hot guys on Pinterest (for research of course) and commiserating with friends over their mutual hatred of laundry.

Erica’s life goals are: to make sure her family is happy and healthy, bring to life all the stories in her head, visit Australia and jump off a plane. Preferably with a parachute.

Erica has degrees in Communications and Computer Science and she loves history, all things Native American, and anything that’s off the beaten path and weird. 



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