Friday, June 8, 2018

Release Blitz & Review -The Enforcer - Natalie Wrye


I was never supposed to be this woman.

I was supposed to be a super wife. A mom. A business owner. And I was...Until an armed robber sticks a gun into my face.

The man who saves me? Javier Mondello. My former high school crush. A tattooed troublemaker turned Adonis overnight.

A blast from the past too good-looking for his own good.

There's no denying it; the chemistry between us is all-consuming—electric.

But when danger finds me again, when a crime of opportunity takes a twisted turn, I can't decide which fate is worse: falling into the arms of my hero... Or finding out what he's really up to...

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Our Review:

Decent novel, but missed its mark for me. The story and the characters were good, but I just wasn’t drawn into it like I wanted to be. This story has a bit of mystery and romance, with a whole lot of action. This story is a stand-alone.

The plot of this book is what got me interested at first. A woman on the run from a shady past. A man from her past there to help her? What more could you ask for? Honestly, not much usually, but I was disappointed. There was a certain aspect of the book that I just couldn’t get past. When I started reading it I thought that the author was going to give me a reason to excuse this aspect, but I was let down when I wasn’t really given a good enough reason. 

Delilah is a good character. I liked her attitude and spunk. I was disappointed in her actions though. She made decisions that I just wasn’t sure I could get behind. Then you have Javi. He is a pretty strong character. I liked how protective he is. He also made decisions I couldn’t get behind though. 

The heat in this book was there. I feel this heat could have been better received for me if I was more invested in the story. I don’t think there was anything wrong with the heat, just my lack of interest by the time I got there. With that being said, this book does have a bit of heat. 

The writing style of this book was good. The pace was steady and the characters were written well. The plot was written well too. This is a good story, just not a story for me. While everything was done well, it just wasn’t the book for me. 

Overall, this was a good book. I cannot deny that it was written well and the plot was interesting. I just couldn’t get past some aspects that just weren’t for me. So for me, this is not a 5 star book. While I think that this book could be amazing for others, it just wasn’t a favorite of mine personally. 


Plot: 4/5 

Characters: 3/5 

Heat: 5/5 

Writing Style: 3/5 

Overall: 3/5

About Natalie Wrye

Natalie Wrye is a tequila connoisseur, Game of Thrones addict and author best known for writing page-turning Contemporary Romance and Romantic Suspense.

A Jersey Girl living in the South, when she's not obsessing over a new Netflix series or yelling at college basketball games on TV, she's usually crafting sexy stories about hard-bodied men and the strong-willed women who crave them.

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