Sunday, June 24, 2018

REVIEW - The Problem With Him - Rachel Higginson

TITLE - The Problem With Him
AUTHOR - Rachel Higginson


I’m over men. I’m done with them.

Or at least the ones that work in my kitchen. Fine, one man in particular. Wyatt Shaw is cocky and condescending and so far out of his element that he doesn’t know which way is up. Or how to run his brand new kitchen all by himself.

That’s where I come in. Sous chef extraordinaire. Second in command. Bane of his existence. I am the reason Wyatt’s doing so well as the new executive chef of one of our city’s most prestigious restaurants. He has me to thank for his glowing accolades and five-star write-ups. Only if you were to ask him, he’d say I’m his biggest problem.

Despite his discouragement and bullish behavior, I’ve set two goals for myself.

The first? I’m going to fight my way to the top of this male-dominated industry and claim my own award-winning kitchen.

The second? I’m going to do whatever it takes to ignore Wyatt and his rare smiles and the thickening tension that’s started to simmer between us.

Wyatt Shaw might be Durham’s new shining star. He might be up for a James Beard Award. He might be my new boss and key to my future success, but he’s also in my way.

So he can keep his smoldering looks and secret kisses. And he can be the one that figures out how to make it through service without getting distracted by me.

I’m not the problem. The problem is him.

Johnaka's Review:

“Are they really that different? 5 stars”

Kaya is convinced there is a problem with her boss Wyatt, but is there really? She feels like she deserves her job over him. And thanks to job security she can get away with saying things to him in the kitchen that no one else could. But what happens when she really stops and listens to him? What will happen when Kaya puts the job aside and sees Wyatt as a man? 

Wyatt loves his job and is working his behind off to prove he deserves to be the head chef of the restaurant he works at. But Kaya his sou-chef is all about challenging him. Its one of the many things he loves about Kaya. He’s wanted her from day one, but the timing was never right, but what happens if its right now, will he make his move?

These two really weren’t opposite, they more or less talked a different love language and she never saw him as a love interest until he made it blatantly obvious. Once these two got on the same page it was awesome. I wanted these two together, because they both deserved to find love. I will warn you though, reading The Problem with Him will make you really freaking hungry. Food plays a big part in the book and I won’t lie I had to stop and get some snacks along the way.

Star Ratings:
Writing style-5/5

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