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REVIEW - Smiling Irish - Katy Regnery

TITLE - Smiling Irish
AUTHOR - Katy Regnery


Tierney Haven and Burr O’Leary come from completely different worlds…

…but there’s a reason they say “opposites attract.”

Bookish Tierney Haven has always preferred places to people, and she especially loves the peace and quiet of Moonstone Manor, an estate museum located in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, where she is head docent, chief historian and live-in caretaker. The very last thing she expects to find on the doorstep at midnight is bruised and bloodied stranger, Burr O’Leary, in desperate need of her help.

Against her better judgement and at the risk of her brothers’ wrath, Tierney offers Burr sanctuary at Moonstone Manor, and nurses him back to health, surprised to discover that the dashing, enigmatic stranger loves the history and peace of Moonstone as much as she. But Burr has a dark history, and those who hurt him will stop at nothing to eliminate him...placing Tierney in grave danger until he is well enough to find them first.

Erin's Review:

The blurb for this book is so well written, I couldn't not read this book! And the Traditional Irish toast/poem that opens the book makes me smile and rings very true. Chapter One starts this book off so differently than Book One-(Fighting Irish) in the series, making this book a slight crime drama instead of a plain (but amazing) romance. Some of my favorite things are in this first chapter: thunderstorms, Gaelic, Alpha males, strong women, contradictions, curiosity, and unearned trust. It only gets better from there!

The only girl in the Haven triplets we first met in, Tierney is introverted and bookish. But she's also a strong, loving and over all amazing woman, who takes care of her brothers. She's a strong protector, who keeps herself safe with her books and content with her degrees and secure with her position doing something she loves. But when Burr O'Leary knocks on her door needing help, she doesn't hesitate...much. We're immediately drawn into the is-he-isn't-he-a-good-guy debate. Tierney's trust and Burr's need to protect and get justice prove a gripping plotline.

I was excited to get to know Tierney more in this book. We first met her in Fighting Irish, and despite her small role, we knew she was the soul of the triplets, and would fight for her brothers happiness. I loved how even one chapter in, you could tell she was the kind of woman who doesn't lose herself to panic and thinks things through and isn't going to fall prey to the “need a strong man to save me in every situation and panics at a drop of a hat” that seems to befall many woman that share a book with a strong male figure. Meanwhile Burr gets introduced in a less than enthusiastic and pleasing manner. Is he a criminal, or a good Irish man in the wrong place at the wrong time? Either way, a great protector who has a whole book to work it out with Tierney.

The slow burn and buildup of chemistry for these characters makes me love the book even more. “If she agreed to a friendship with Burr, she'd be ignoring the whisperings of her heart and the fierce longing that had already taken root in her body.” Sparks fly from the beginning, but they start as bravery and bluster, and transform gently from there, in a fluid and realistic manner. Bookish Tierney who is comfortable in her New Hampshire home meets her match in Boston Proud policeman Burr, defying the odds and finding themselves as individuals and a couple along the way. 

Once again Ms. Regnery's writing style worked so well. The poignant differences in the characters along with humorous conversation and family kept the story going despite a dark and sinister plot thread. Her amazing ability to weave storyline had me reading the book straight through...twice. Additionally, it puts into perspective just some of the challenging work our nations police force has to tackle, and the sacrifices they and their families make. Thanks to all the public service workers out there!

“Our story began on a dark and stormy night, Aisling. Those tales don't always end well.” 

The author does an outstanding job on creating a graceful plot line with twists and turns, ups and downs, and carefully and neatly keeps it all in order. All the pieces are dealt with; with detail and thought, leaving nothing of this book hanging...Unless you count a few tidbits to lead us into her next book. But even those tidbits are done in a brilliant manner that leave you wanting more and excited for book three, not frustrated at the not-knowing. I'm looking forward to reading about Ian in “Loving Irish.”

Star Ratings:
Plot = 5/5 
Characters = 5/5 
Heat = 5/5 
Writing Style = 5/5 
Overall Rating = 5/5

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