Friday, July 13, 2018

REVIEW - The Color of Us - Christine Manzari & Laura Ward

TITLE - The Color of Us
AUTHOR - Laura Ward & Christine Manzari


**This can be read as a standalone**

Eighteen year old Alexis Sinclair is lost in the darkness of grief. Since the death of her sister in a car accident, she can’t find the will to get out and enjoy life again. When she’s forced to face her biggest fear and take a summer Driver’s Ed course, she’s surprised to find hope in the most unlikely person. 

Liam O’Connell is trouble. He isn’t proud of his dark past, and he knows Alexis is the one girl he has no business pursuing. Doing the right thing has never been easy for him, but this time, it just might be impossible. 

The perfect girl and troubled boy are all wrong for each other, but as Liam helps Alexis cope with her grief, they realize nothing has ever felt more right.

That is, until Alexis uncovers a secret about Liam that breaks her heart. 

Liam knows he can’t allow the one good thing in his life to walk away without a fight, and he’s determined to convince Alexis they can find their way out of the darkness together. 

Can he prove he’s worthy of her, or is some love too tainted to be saved?

Erin's Review:

This is the second book in the College Bound Series. It can be read as a stand alone, but the depth and breadth of plotlines and characters will be a bit lacking if you try to read without enjoying the first book. I enjoyed this book even more than the first. This captivating account of a young woman with a lot of darkness is more than meets the eye when she finds light with a dark bad boy.

The plot of this book broke my heart many times-I found myself in tears on at least four occasions. Liam and Alexis are opposites who find strength in each other's company and differences. It's more than your basic good girl falls for bad boy; it's a long haul, how to make yourself better, and care for others masterful blend that made me read this book in two hours.

We meet Alexis in the depth of darkness and depression after losing her older sister. She's been the good daughter, but is stuck in a storm of grief. Liam is the consummate bad boy, all dark and full of trouble and bad decisions. The details provided create such an aura of grief and gloom for Alexis, the reader is pulled into her forlorn and melancholy world. Liam may be painted as a hot-headed kid from the wrong side of the tracks, but his perceptiveness is bar none. He easily sees the heartbreak in Alexis' eyes. They have a summer romance that brought light to Alexis and made Liam want to be more for her. 

Liam and Alexis start out as just friends to keep each other entertained, but they provide each other with needed support and strength. Liam makes Lex feel alive, and Lex provides Liam with the catalyst to prove himself. Their relationship moves forward in a natural way, having ups and downs through college and distance. 

These authors are amazing! The exquisite way they crafted the dialog and details and plotline was beyond stunning. The reader was drawn into the grief and darkness of Alexis, and the light Liam provided with his attention to detail and listening. And once again the Good Buddy program provides whimsical insights through Stacy's rainbows (which makes me think of another of my favorite author's book “A Promise of Rainbows” by Ava Miles). 

I can't wait to read more books by these authors. They work magic together that bring out all the feels in the reader. The imagery provided established such provocative characters that make this a must read book...a book I may even read more than once.

“Together we fought our way out of the dark and into the light. That's love.”

Star Ratings:
Plot = 5/5
Characters = 5/5 
Heat = 5/5 
Writing Style = 5/5 
Overall Rating = 5/5

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