Thursday, July 26, 2018

Review-Here's To Forever-Teagan Hunter


Here's To Forever
Teagan Hunter

I've been living in a blissful bubble for nearly a year now. Everything with Rae is perfect, and I feel like we're on the fast track to forever.

Then I go and do something stupid and suddenly we're speeding toward Splitsville. Well, to be fair, I've been doing something stupid. I just haven't had the balls to tell her about it.

It could break us. Or make us stronger. I'm only hoping she sees things my way...

I never anticipated my life looking like it does, living with my boyfriend and his eight-year-old daughter. But here I am, happier than I could have ever imagined.

Until Hudson screws it all up, telling lie after lie after freakin' lie. But he thinks he's "doing the right thing". He doesn't see things my way...

How am I supposed to say yes to forever when I can't even trust my tomorrow?

Maybe this was all a mistake...

This book is part of a series and CANNOT be read as a stand-alone. Here's to Tomorrow will need to be read first. Recommended for 18+ audience for explicit language and sexual situations. 

Our Review

Here’s to Forever is such a cute novella. I usually don’t like novella’s, but I couldn’t pass up a chance to read more about Hudson and Rae. I was surprised by this short story. While it was a quick read, it was not a light one. I was elated to see that the author was actually able to make this short story seem more like a full-length novel, conflict and all.

Now let me just say that this novella also made my heart ache for more than one reason. This one really hit me in the soft spot and had me tearing up. That in itself is an accomplishment, but add in that this is a novella? That is Olympic gold right there. I rarely cry at books, especially not novellas. This was a first for me.

Overall, I enjoyed this story and was happy to see from some of the characters. I was especially happy to see that while most stories end with happily ever after with all rainbows and sunshine, this author showed the realistic side of relationships.

Plot: 5/5
Characters: 5/5
Heat: 5/5
Writing Style: 5/5
Overall: 5/5 

“A catch up, 4 stars”

If your reading Here’s to Forever then you’ve read the first book at least in the series and possibly the second. Here’s to Forever is basically a catch up on what’s been going on. You get a little bit of Tucker and Maura but its really about Hudson and Rae. See Hudson kind of stuck his foot in his mouth, will he be able to get it out or will it ruin his relationship with Rae.
It was a sweet little novella but not completely necessary if novellas aren’t your thing. I can’t really tell you anymore in fear of spilling the beans about what’s in these pages. But what I will tell you is prepare for some drama.
Writing style-5/5

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