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REVIEW - Rock Legend (Nothing but Trouble #2) - Tara Leigh

TITLE - Rock Legend (Nothing but Trouble #2)
AUTHOR - Tara Leigh


I'm no Prince Charming.

Most people know me as the drummer for Nothing but Trouble. Depending who you ask, I'm also a playboy, a loner, the life of the party, a screw-up, or according to my fans, "The Sexiest Rock Star on the Planet." Apparently, I'm a legend.

Am I surprised? Hell, no. It's a reputation I've earned behind my drum kit and behind closed doors. No one thought foster kid Landon Cox would become famous. Infamous, maybe. Notorious, probably. But successful? Never. No one except Piper Hastings. But I had to make a choice: my woman or my career. I picked fame and fortune... and spent every damn day since pretending I don't regret it.

Now fate's dropped Piper back into my life. I want to believe it's a second chance for me - for us. But while I can give her a few great nights, I can't give Piper a future.

Because there's a difference between a legend and a fairy tale...
Only one of them ends happily ever after.

Erin's Review:

Rock Legend is a stand alone book, part of the Nothing But Trouble series. This was my first time reading a book by this author. I enjoyed reading this book with it's fast paced style, well done dialogue and well thought out characters who dealt with life's struggles in fantastic ways. 

The plot took us through the life of Landon and Piper. They had a brief love affair during their college years then Landon disappeared with no correspondence back to Piper. They both have demons in their past that color their reactions to the present and shape all their decisions. I enjoyed reading their story. It was a fantastic escape from my reality to jump into Landon's fancy LA rock star lifestyle and see how he and his bandmates dealt with life. 

Characters - Did you like the characters? What did you like about each character? Did you like their story arc?
Landon Cox is a now famous drummer for the band Nothing but Trouble. He's living the lifestyle of the rich and famous, being a playboy and legend. His past as a foster child taken from his parents shape how he handles relationships. But he's wondering if there's more to life than the empty moments before and after his performances. Piper Hastings is working for the PR firm that handles Nothing but Trouble, after having a brief, but bright and intense love with Landon. Now she's done her best to move on with a new boyfriend...but her childhood also wasn't picture perfect. Together their baggage causes numerous struggles they have to overcome. 

Landon may be a rock god (or legend), but it was nice to see him have to work for it with Piper...even after we found out they shared some time together previously. He needed more than groupie love. And she needed him to make some personal changes...but despite all that, they share a bond and heat up the sheets...and pool...and other surfaces. Landon's confident rocker swagger; Piper's reluctant desire for the former love, they both intertwine to make a steamy romance novel!

This was a fast paced book, full of twists and turns that kept me reading to see what shenanigans would happen next! The surprises were always coming and were fantastic. Not being any sort of musical anything, I love jumping into the world of someone so different from my own. I love when the characters pull stunts and “billionaire book boyfriend” antics. I was absorbed in Landon and Piper's story; they were not only great characters, but their backstory was fantastic, their bandmates provided needed moments of seriousness and levity and friendship, family gave reasons for actions, and the setting itself provided both ups and downs. The author did a great job of incorporating every day struggles as well as things specific to the musicians and their industry. 

Since this was book two, I want to go back and find book one and read about Delaney and Shane to learn even more about this band of musicians and friends. I love to delve into the stories of a whole group of friends/family like this series will provide. Another high note to this book was that it provided a Epilogue to the story, and gives a great finish and send off for the characters so you not only get a quick happy ending to wrap up all the details, the reader is graced with a look into the future. Those are some of my favorite things in books.

Star Ratings:

Plot = 4/5 
Characters = 5/5 
Heat = 5/5 
Writing Style = 4/5 
Overall Rating = 4/5

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