Sunday, July 15, 2018

REVIEW - Motive - Kennedy Layne

TITLE - Motive
AUTHOR - Kennedy Layne


The Office Roulette trilogy continues with an epic battle between blame and forgiveness… 

Rye Marshall had it all—wealth, prominence, and the love of his life. But nothing lasts forever, and his perfect world came crashing down around him. When the dust settled, he found himself alone and starting from a clean slate. 

Grace Dorrance had made many mistakes in her life, but one stood out above the rest—an epic ending to a complex and passionate relationship. She left her former lover’s life in complete ruins and tried her best never to look back at the wreckage. 

Seconds chances are hard to come by, but even more difficult when Grace is arrested for a murder she didn’t commit. This gives Rye the perfect motive to forgive and forget, allowing for new beginnings. Unfortunately, someone is playing a game of office roulette with everyone’s lives. 

Johnaka's Review:

“Who did it? 5 stars”

Murder is in the air and the question is who did it? Well, we don’t find out in book two of the Office Roulette series, but we get further sucked into the mystery. Everyone had motive and is a suspect except for a select few. Who do you think did it?

Grace can’t believe her boss was murdered, let alone the fact she was arrested for it without any real cause. She’s been part of a scandal before and rather not go through it again. Especially now that Rye’s is back in her life. Will her name get cleared? Will her relationship make it out of the investigation alive and well or will it fall apart again?

Rye was in love with Grace once upon a time, but it came crashing down with a scandal and her running. But he’s finally got her back where he wants her, he won’t let her get away a second time. Will Rye be able to help Grace through this? Will they finally say those three little words again?

I adored these two. They both have a protective streak a mile wide when it comes to the other. We also get more of their friends and office mates. My favorite part is the murder theme. I honestly have no idea who the killer is and that rarely happens. So, jump in and place your bets on who killed the boss.

Star Ratings:
Writing style-5/5

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