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REVIEWS x 2 - On the DL - Laramie Briscoe

TITLE - On the DL
AUTHOR - Laramie Briscoe


A second-chance romance as scorching hot as a baseball diamond in August.

Slater "Savage" Harlow

Winning the MVP award for the Birmingham Bandits last year was the highlight of my baseball career. It was the culmination of childhood dreams, calculated adult decisions, sacrifice, and a hell of a lot of focus. Tearing my ACL in spring training? Not what I expected at all.

Now I'm home, in small town Georgia, rehabbing in the comfort of my own home, with people I know. I'm connecting with friends I haven't had time to talk to in years, spending days at home with my parents, and getting to watch my little brother play minor league baseball. 

What I don't expect is to see Malone Fulcher walking into Del's Diner one morning while having my coffee and egg whites.

She's old flame, the one who got away, and the woman I compare all others to.

Malone Fulcher

Spending the summer in my hometown wasn't what I had planned, but it's what I need. Recovering from a hard year, both personally and professionally, I need to reconnect with who I am. When my mom encouraged me to come home and do some soul searching, I can't say no.

Memories are all over this small town, from the Baptist Church to the east field on my parents farm, to the diner. On my second day in town, I decide to go in, memories be damned.

I lost my breath as soon as I saw "Savage" Harlow sitting alone at a booth. Our eyes lock, my heart flutters, and my hands shake - all the same way they did back in high school. But back then we couldn't make it work. Going our separate ways to differing colleges, we decided we weren't meant to be.

A decade later, as soon as our eyes meet, I'm wondering if we were right, because those green eyes of his do nothing but take me to a past that I can see being my future. 

Author's Note: This does end in somewhat of a cliffhanger!

Louise's Review:

On the DL is a 2nd chance romance that will leave you hanging on for dear life, Laramie knows how to make you fall in love with her characters and not let them go. 

Slater “Savage” Harlow fell in love when he was in high school their future was planned out and forever was just a stone throw away, needless to say everything crashed and burned. 10 years on and Malone Fulcher found herself back where she started, laying her eyes on her first and only love was harder than she ever expected. Helping each other leads them down a path that will take on a journey they missed out on all those years ago or will they freeze and make the same mistakes again? 

Slater is not your typical baseball star, he isn’t arrogant, he hasn’t forgotten where he came from and he is a hopeless romantic at heart but deep down inside he has every insecurity that everyone else carries with them. Malone has learnt to be independent and when she finds her own voice she sets out and make her own dreams come true, she isn’t a tag along in her own life. 

There was never any doubt that Slater and Malone had chemistry, as teenagers they couldn’t get enough of each other. Their love for each other set sparks flying when they reunited something that they never had gotten over. Nothing can take away your first love.  

Laramie has proven that she can reel you in and have you hook line and sinker, I could not wait to read this story since having a small snippet of Slater in her previous book Cruise.  Her writing is on point and had my heart going a million miles and hour on a rollercoaster ride I didn’t want to get off. 

I personally LOVED this book and I can tell you that if you have read and loved anything previous of Laramie this is a no brainer. I will forgive her when I get to read the 2nd book; MVP so I can stop the crazy storylines going through my head after she left me hanging off the edge of a cliff. 

Star Ratings;
Plot: 5/5
Characters: 5/5
Heat: 5/5
Writing Style: 5/5
Overall: 5/5

Jennifer's Review:

Great novel about second chances. On The DL is a novel about second chance love. This book was good, but I felt it could use a bit more conflict in it. I did enjoy it immensely though. This book has everything you need to cook up some love. There is a past history between characters, an undying love, and circumstances that have thrown them together. The question is, will they take this second chance or let it burn?

The plot of this story is interesting. Slater “Savage” Harlow is a pro baseball player loved by all. He leads a rich lifestyle that he always dreamed of since he was a teen. The only problem was, the spot beside him was empty. Malone Fulcher made a terrible mistake in her teens. One that she felt was for the best, but has haunted her ever since. When her circumstances change and she is forced to go back to her old town, she knows the memories there will haunt her.

Malone is a strong and amazing character. She had to go through a lot of tough experiences in order to get to where she was. While she feels the decisions in her past might have been a mistake, I love that she stuck to her guns. Slater is a great character as well. He also had to fight through some tough times. I love how strong he came out on the other end. While he is strong, he also hasn’t let fame get to him. He still has that southern boy charm to him.

The heat in this book has been simmering for decades. The chemistry between these two never really died off. There is that underlying love they felt as teens that shines through as they heat up the pages more and more. The memories of the old times also lend themselves to this heat, making it burn brighter.

I liked the writing style of this book. It was fun and easy to read. I like how the author let us get to know the characters from before then as they are now. What I love most is that Caleb from the MTF novels makes an appearance along with some other characters. That is special to me since that is my favorite series by this author. The only complaint I had was I felt the pace of the book was a little slower than I liked. I liked the use of time jumps though. I liked the feeling of the time passing as these two got to know each other.

Overall, I really liked this book. It is a duet so I can’t wait to read MVP next. This book ends on a cliffy, so if you don’t like cliffys then I would suggest you wait until the second part comes out before you read it. I will say that you will be missing out though. This book is a heartwarming novel about second chances. It is all about how things in your teens can look so different when you look back on it with adult eyes.

Star Ratings:
Plot: 5/5
Characters: 5/5
Heat: 5/5
Writing Style: 4/5
Overall: 4/5

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