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Review-Outcasts-Natalie Bennett


Natalie Bennett


Dark Messiah. 
Harbinger of death. 

My reputation has always preceded me. 

I’m a brother to the queen of the Badlands. 

I’m one of the few confidants to her fiancĂ©–the devil himself. 

And those whispered rumors that I’m a silent killer, a true harvester of souls? 

They’re true. 

People never see me coming. I don’t discriminate, I show no mercy, and I feel no remorse. 

My only loyalty is to my family and when someone important to them goes missing, I vow to do whatever is necessary to track her down and bring her back. 

But the person I find is not the same woman who was stolen away. 

Something’s different about her. 
Something I find myself drawn to as we fight our way back to hell. 

Original family disappointment. 

My reputation has never preceded me. 

I’m supposed to be this spoiled, rich b*tch who does everything her daddy tells her. 

I was forbidden to even think about the Badlands. 

But money means nothin to me and my paradise was a pretty cage I refused to be trapped in. 

I fought my way out, I found a new family, and even though sh*t got tough sometimes it all worked out in the end. 

And then I got kidnapped. 
I thought it was over for me. 
I almost broke. 

I should have known he would never let that happen. 
And I should have realized something inside me had shifted. 

Maybe then I’d have seen the signs that I was falling for an irredeemable man. 

A man who taught me that there was power in taking away a life. 
A man who showed me just how beautiful hell truly was. 

It’s only fair I warn you that this is not a story about a rescued damsel in distress. 
This is a story about what happens when a man who collects souls finally meets his match. 

This book can be read as a standalone but I recommend starting Savages & Deviants first.

Our Review

Wow! I am speechless. Outcasts is the next book in the Badland series. This book follows other characters, but the other books should really be read in order to fully understand this series. This series has surprised me in the best way. This story is raunchy, dirty, and questionably unmoral, but it is also refreshing.
Outcasts follows Grimm and Arlene, who we have met in the first two books. At the end of Deviant’s, Arlene finds herself in a devastating situation. She is just trying to survive, but the trials and tribulations of the world are making it hard for her to keep hope. Grimm has one goal. Find Arlene. Is he only finding her for his Queen and King, or is he trying to find a Queen of his own?
Grimm is the silent type. I knew there was more to him as soon as he met him. Add in his nickname, Grimm Reaper, and I knew he was going to be one bad character. With a nickname like that, you would have to be. I liked watching him go on this journey and figure stuff out. I loved Arlene from the very beginning. She is feisty and loud. She reminds me of me. She is also an amazing friend to Cali. I was devastated at her storyline, but happy to see that it made her stronger.
The heat in this book is right up there with book one. With that being said, I thought some of the heat scenes in this book were a lot like the scenes in book one and two. Now that is not a bad thing, but I would have liked to see a little variety. I did love how things heated up quick between these two. Especially since they have had a love hate relationship with each other since the beginning.
I liked the writing style of this book. It has a similar feel to the others in the series. The pace is steady. There is a lot of action and depravity. The heat is right there. The characters are dynamic and unique. Really this is an amazing world that the author has created.
Overall, I liked this book. The characters really made me love them. I loved that new characters were introduced as well. This book set up the next book wonderfully. I cannot wait to read Cobra’s story. He is so fun and lovable. I would recommend this book to others, but still warn about triggers and such.
Plot: 5/5
Characters: 5/5
Heat: 5/5
Writing Style: 5/5
Overall: 5/5

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